New Year’s eve weddings have quite the reputation for their hoof-spa!. I mean look at how much fun the wedding from Wedding Aces looks! Its the one day a year brides can get away with spray painting everything silver or gold at their wedding. Sparkle is a must and a killer accent to New Years wedding accessories. But why can’t we be crazy like this all year round. Wait, we can! Lets take a look at some awesome New Year’s Eve wedding inspiration and lets dare to put it in summer weddings! Grab that floral spray and get ready to dream up something crazy!

Silver sprayed billy balls and white rananculus boutonierres

To get this look (photos from Gods Garden Pleasure Blog) at your wedding, order billy balls (they are usually yellow) . They have the perfect shape and texture for spray painting. They almost look like a disco ball and nothing says party like disco balls ladies! Other awesome flowers or fillers to spray paint and incorporate into arrangements include curly willow tips, eucalyptus, and sheet moss.

The best news about this inspiration is all you have to do is grab a can of spray paint and innovate. Using floral spray is better for flowers but you can always add miscellaneous objects from your local craft store and spray paint them to get a similar look. After you have sprayed the accents in shades of silver, pearl, gold, and sparkle let them dry and work them into your DIY wedding arrangements.

It is important to use creativity to make your wedding representative of your personality and taste. If you are not a follow the crowd bride, fun innovation can really be the way you set yourself apart from the traditional wedding without compromising ceremonial traditions that others hold dear (like your parents). Don’t be afraid to personalize this look and we would love to see the ideas you come up with! Comments encouraged!


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