It’s an exciting day inside the Blooms by the Box offices as we celebrate one, BIG press feature! Our team has been working tirelessly with the fantastic folks at Martha Stewart Weddings, and the result is an article, unlike anything you’ve read before. Thank you kindly to the talented group at Martha Stewart Weddings for featuring our company on your recent story!

Martha Stewart Weddings

A bridal bouquet is one of the most treasured floral arrangements on any wedding day. That said, it can also take a beating as a wedding bouquet is tossed around from hand-to-hand and sat down on occasion in various places during the reception celebration. These factors are exactly the reason why we have been looking forward to sharing our recent feature collaboration with Martha Stewart Weddings, Avoid Using These Four Flowers in Your Wedding Bouquet Because They Bruise Easily. We’re covering everything, from bouquets and boutonnieres to all delicate arrangements in high traffics areas, that need to stand up to a lot of handling in the feature. Of course, you’ll have to browse here to access our recommendations! Thank you again to Martha Stewart Weddings for including our insight!


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