We hate to brag, but we can’t hold back our excitement because Blooms by the Box has been featured once again in the press! It’s been an exciting month for our team, and we’ve had the absolute pleasure of sharing our insights with our friends at SheFinds. You’re sure to find lots of helpful tips while planning your wedding day, and we hope you enjoy the articles from this month’s Blooms News!

Blooms News

Two of the biggest questions we got from brides is, “What are some of the trending flowers this season?” and “What are the wedding trends for styling flowers?” Recently, we spoke with the lovely writers at SheFinds for their article highlighting 15 Weddings Trends That Are in for 2019 and we’re covering these two exact questions!

Between the wide color variety and the delicate, intricate layers it should come as to no surprise that 2019 should officially be named the year of the dahlia! For blooms will be the quintessential focal flower for any arrangement next wedding season and is perfect for the bride looking to add pops of color to her decor. There will also be a few guest appearances by another flower favorite, the ranunculus, for the couple seeking a romantic tone to their big day.

Another floral trend for 2019 is carrying over from 2018, and we are here for it! Hanging floral centerpieces continue to be one of the biggest requests from couples. Our own, Joan Wyndrum, says that the reason for this is because you do not have to devote as much tablespace to your arrangements! Couples can even consider limiting florals to a single statement and potentially skipping the individual centerpieces altogether.

To read the full article and access all 15 wedding trends for 2019, browse here.


Brides have so much to do leading up to the wedding day but it doesn’t stop there! We spoke with SheFinds to share one thing we think is very important leading up to the ceremony, having your bouquet in water for as long as possible! Joan explains that this will ensure your flowers will look fresh throughout the day. She also suggests keeping it in a vase of shallow water while you are primping and be sure to dry off the stems before walking down the aisle.

To see the other 24 items that you must do before the ceremony read the full article here.

Thank you to our friends at SheFinds for including us in these articles!

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