We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are featured on Bridechilla! This feature details all you need to know about DIYing wedding flowers plus more. Learn the ins and outs of DIY wedding projects and how to take on the challenge without losing your “chill”!

Why DIY?

There are many reasons why people decide to DIY their wedding flowers. One reason certainly is to help save on your wedding budget.

When you purchase a bouquet from a florist, remember that it’s not just priced for the flowers. You are also paying for the expertise spent on professional arrangement, as well as all of the other expenses that come with running a floral business: preparation, storage, labor, production, supplies, and transportation.

Try to use fewer focal flowers and add in additional filler and greens to cut costs.

Worry less about flower type and focus on colors—that way you can supplement a few bold statement pieces with budget-friendly blooms. Greenery is also a cost-effective choice that looks gorgeous woven into a wedding design.

Plan Strategically

It is important to be prepared and do your research before committing to your DIY projects especially if you have never arranged flowers before. Here are some helpful tips when planning:

Collect photos for inspiration, find out what you’ll need to achieve the look you’re after, and figure out whether those flowers will be in season for your wedding date. Always have some alternatives ready at hand in case a certain bloom is unavailable.

Don’t Take on Too Much!

Don’t overstress yourself! This is your wedding! You should enjoy this day and the days leading up to your special event. Here is some helpful advice:

You can still save by doing what you can and outsourcing the more important details. For example, you can still make all of your bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres, and have a professional create your bouquet and centerpieces. The choice is yours!

With this guide in mind, you will be able to create amazing DIY floral designs for your wedding!

You can read the full feature here!

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