Beard Bouquet Madness

Beard bouquet madness is an original millennial trend you will see appear this year! Brides wearing flowers in their hair inspires the frenzy, why not use them in beards? There are hundreds of different beard styles, but the most impressive this year maybe beard bouquets! It takes approximately 6 months to grow a beard.  Any shape beard will be perfect to add flowers and match the brides wedding bouquet. This trend emerged back in 2014 and is again for 2019!

Here are some of our favorites!


Beard of Flowers

Image credit; borepanda

Cover the entire beard with monte casino asters in any color flower. If you want a bigger flower, you can use pompon daisies. Match the groom’s beard to the bride’s bouquets with small flowers and colors.


Gypsophila Beard

Image credits; Cloe Ashton

Keep your beard enchanting and simple! Just fill it with baby’s breath. Baby’s breath is filled with symbolism and meaning- everlasting love, innocence, and pureness. You can not go wrong with adding baby’s breath into your wedding centerpieces.


Purple Passion Beard

Image credit; Buzzfeed

Add a few purple flowers and embrace the devotion as a noble royal groom. Purple is a magical color and is perfect for any style wedding! Match the groom’s beard to the bride’s bouquet.


A Trickle of Flowers

Image credit; flowerweb

Who doesn’t love this look? A trickle of bright yellow flowers to match the bride’s bouquet. The cheerful hue will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Be creative and fill the beard with an assorted rainbow of flowers.


Romantic Rose Beard

Image credit; Romantic best

Spray roses can fill the groom’s beard with romance! Spray roses are delicate blooms and can visually balance the look of the beard with beautiful texture and color.


Flower Mania

Image credit;

Use football mum as a focal point on your beard and combine different size flowers throughout the beard.

Guys are decorating their beards with flowers, and it’s awesome! Check out Instagram to see the different ways to stylize your beard with fresh flowers for any occasion. #beardbouquet, #flowerbeard.

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