Want to mix it up for mom this year? Get crafty for Mother’s Day. Rather than order her flowers, make her a beautiful hand-tied bouquet! We’ve put together 5 amazing options for making 1 or 2 bouquets! Gift one to your mom and one to your MIL, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Friend or keep it for yourself! All of these options can make either 1 large bouquet or 2 medium-sized bouquets. You can mix and match flowers and colors as well, these are just suggestions. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like something hand-made.

Bouquet Options

Bouquet 1 contains 25 peach carnations, 1 bunch (10 stems) of lavender spray roses, 1 bunch (10-12 stems) of white statice and 1 bunch (7-10 stems) of Nageia nagi greens. The total for this set up comes to $109.02 with shipping. That comes to $54.51 per bouquet if you make 2!

Bouquet 2 contains 1 bunch (10 stems) of yellow alstroemeria, 1 bunch (10 stems) of bells of Ireland and 10 stems of orange gerbera daisy. The total for this one is $102.65 which comes to $51.32 if you make 2 bouquets.

Bouquet 3 has 1 bunch (10 stems) of monte casino aster in purple, 10 stems of yellow football mums, 1 bunch (5 stems) of Italian ruscus and 1 bunch (7 stems) of lavender cushion mums. The total for this bouquet is $101.90 which is $50.95 if you choose to make 2.

Bouquet 4 features 25 rose coral reef, 1 bunch (10 stems) of white trachelium and 1 bunch (12 stems) of leather leaf fern. This one totals at $111.05 which is $55.25 each for 2 bouquets.

Lastly, bouquet 5 contains 10 white hydrangeas, 1 bunch (10 stems) of pink statice, 1 bunch (10 stems) of light pink mini carnations, and 1 bunch (45-50 stems) of bear grass. The total for this one is $107.53 and $53.76 each when making 2.

Don’t be shy, DIY!

If you’re placing an order for Mother’s Day, we suggest choosing Friday, May 11th as your delivery date. This will give your flowers 24 hours to rehydrate and bloom a little before you go ahead and arrange the bouquets on Saturday or Sunday Morning. If arranging on Saturday, just make sure those stems stay in water until you gift the bouquet! Orders can be placed until 2:00 PM EST on Thursday for delivery on Friday however we suggest getting your order in as early as possible, Mother’s Day is a big flower holiday and availability can be sparse the closer we get.

Don’t shy away from DIYing, this is also a great opportunity if you are looking to DIY your wedding flowers but don’t have experience. This way you can try your hand at some flower arranging! Bouquets are the easiest to put together, just do what you think looks good!

Love the idea but not these combos? give us a call or email service@bloomsbythebox.com and we’ll help you come up with something special just for Mom with any budget!

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