Finding Your Something Blue: Types of Blue Flowers

Symbolic of peace, tranquility, and comfort, blue makes a striking and serene addition to any floral design. In nature, the color is relatively rare, giving it a bit of mysterious and elusive quality. For these reasons, blue is a favorite shade of many and it’s easy to integrate into your artistic vision whether for a big event or a piece of floral artwork.

A popular choice for baby showers, weddings, and special parties, our blue flowers capture the essence of this splendid shade in both natural and spray-tinted options. From naturally soft, lavender-like petals to deep, celestial blues, you can create one-of-a-kind floral designs with any focal or accent color you desire. Here are some fantastic blue flower ideas.

Blue Anemone

Otherwise known as the windflower, this pretty, poppy-like blossom is the perfect pick for bringing a brooding, deep blue mood to your DIY arrangements. As one of the most stunning blue perennial flowers, these gorgeous anemones incorporate well into many color schemes.


Nicknamed bachelor’s button, these distinctive blossoms are distinguished by their intense blue color, which is created by protocyanin, the same pigment responsible for giving roses their red coloring. The tissue-thin petals emerging from the center give the cornflower a delicate feel. From lavender to royal blue, colors of the cornflower vary widely.

Delphinium Flowers

Available in both light blue and dark blue options, delphinium makes a graceful, elegant addition to any blue bouquet or centerpiece. They were once said to ward off danger and evil spirits and are now a very popular way to bring some blue into wedding and shower designs.

Dendrobium (Galaxy Orchids)

Known for its dramatic but delicate composition, the dendrobium comes from the orchid family and is great for adding an ethereal feel and volume to your DIY creations. They’re also a great way to incorporate blooms from this family without the high cost of planted orchids.

Photographed by Megan Jones


You will instantly recognize the towering, deep blue colors of the bell-shaped Hyacinthus. Commonly paired with tulips and other spring flowers, these gorgeous blue blooms vary in coloring from soft, pale blue to deeper shades that edge towards purple.


Blue hydrangeas are among the most popular blue flowers and for good reason. They bring a beautifully soft and creamy coloring — not to mention lots of volume at an affordable price — and are extremely popular among budget-minded brides and party planners. Naturally blue hydrangeas (lighter, pale blue), darker blue and more vibrant spray-tinted hydrangeas are available to cover the whole spectrum.

Photographed by Unveiled Photos

Blue Iris Flowers

Available in light blue and dark blue, irises bring a fresh pop of blue to just about any bouquet or centerpiece. Often referred to as the “eye of heaven,” irises are known for their violet petals and bright yellow throats. They symbolize faith and hope.

Limonium (Sea Lavender)

This delicate, misty bloom is commonly used as a blue filler flower to bulk up or add color to bouquets and centerpieces. It offers a special, earthy texture coupled with tiny lavender flowers that add a soft, elegant feel.

Blue Scabiosa

Although it sounds like a spell cast at wizarding school, scabiosa is actually the name of a pretty, blue-purple flower that comes from the honeysuckle family. Also known as pincushions, these gorgeous blooms add some real intrigue to your arrangements.

Double Stock Flowers

Named for their “double bloom,” double stock flowers actually have a flower inside of the flower. They feature a deep, uniform coloring and light clover scent. Because of their earthy, wildflower-like quality, double stock flowers are popular at rustic and bohemian-style weddings.


Marked by their delicate, violet orbs, thistle flowers are commonly used to integrate a bit of texture and distinction into flower arrangements. They provide a bit of an edgy look as well, which makes them great for unconventional and artsy flower designs.

Vendela Roses

Blue roses are easy to incorporate into just about any romantic, blue-themed arrangement. Bringing a big burst of color and a soft, traditional rose silhouette, Vendela roses are a great mixture of classic and contemporary for your baby shower, wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah or welcome baby bouquet.

Veronica (Speedwell)

Step outside the box with the elegant, intriguing Veronica flower. Also known as the Speedwell, this exceptionally eye-catching blossom offers a dramatic, spiking silhouette that brings a naturally wild feel to your floral design. Use them as showcases or fun fillers.

Mastering Your DIY Arrangement with Blue Flowers

Whether you’re in search of your something blue or simply want to experiment with primary colors, blue bulk flowers from Blooms by the Box will help you achieve it. Make sure to head to our DIY center to get some helpful information on doing your own flowers for your wedding or any other occasion you’d like to mark with colorful blooms. Buy by the bunch to get the perfect quantity for your next big event and save big by skipping the conventional florist!

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