Whether you’re planning on having an outdoor even in the heat or it’s just your first time working with DIY flowers, you might want to consider using durable wedding flowers. Certain flower varieties can be much easier to care for than others and can withstand harsher conditions. We teamed up with our friends at Confetti Daydreams to give you a list of the most durable wedding flowers out there! Keep reading for an excerpt of the feature!

Durable Wedding Flowers

Today we’re looking at the most hardy and durable wedding flowers . While all flowers are natural, living things that require the right attention and care, there are some flowers that are easier to work with than most. If you’re working with flowers for the first time, traveling with flowers, or plan on having an outdoor event, it helps to work with the most durable wedding flowers possible.

It can be intimidating or impractical to use flowers that require specific temperatures or might bloom too quickly. We reached out to our friend, sponsor and bulk online wedding flower provider Blooms by the Box to find out what the most fuss-free durable wedding flowers are, to make creating your arrangements a little easier!

  1. Succulents – These desert plants can hold moisture in their petals for long periods of time, they require so little water and attention, they’re almost impossible to mess up!
  2. Chrysanthemums – Nature perfected the chrysanthemum petal structure to be strong, making it a great choice for floral novices.
  3. Eucalyptus – These lush greens have strong, woody stems that keep the leaves supported. Keep them in shallow water or mist them with a spray bottle so they stay fresh.

Read the full feature over on Confetti Daydreams!

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