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Taking care of fresh cut flowers is a lot like taking care of a pet – to make sure they live the longest, happiest life possible, you have to give them water, feed them, and pet them. Just kidding about the last one, but giving your DIY blooms love and the right amount of attention is crucial for ensuring they look stunning on your big day! How you care for your flowers directly affects their “vase life,” or how long they last after you receive them. Properly caring for flowers isn’t as hard as it seems, but we’ll show you how to do flower care right – and the wrong way to do it, too!

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Photo | Linen Tablecloth

We’ve been seeing succulents pop up all over weddings lately! The succulent trend started with home decor, but quickly transitioned to the wedding scene in centerpieces, bouquets and so much more! Whether you’re looking for an full on succulent statement or just want to use them as a subtle accent, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your big day!

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Spray Rose, Round Centerpiece, Eddie Zaratsian, Bloomsbythebox

DIY Half Moon Centerpiece by Designer
Eddie Zaratsian & BloomsByTheBox

Spring is in the air! We love this fun and full arrangement by Eddie Zaratsian. With only three types of flowers Eddie has created this full arrangement. All you need are Spray Roses, Sedum and accents of Galax Leaf and you can create this centerpiece that is perfect for a wedding, house warming or just because! Don’t forget to share your half moon arrangement with us on social media @bloomsbythebox.

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March is here and spring is quickly approaching, which means we have so many March flowers to look forward to! The spring season brings an abundance of fresh blooms, so we can expect to see a few of our favorite flowers popping up in the next few weeks! Here a few of the flowers we can look forward to seeing in March!

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