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Luxe Winter Wedding

Posted By on Jan 22, 2017

Photo by WeddingPartyApp.com

What’s more glamorous than a luxe winter wedding? Golden metallics and sparkles are the perfect way to highlight soft whites and creams. Imagine lavishly wrapped gifts and bubbling champagne after a flurry of fresh snow. Incorporate garlands, cream Roses and gold Baby’s Breath to create a luxurious winter wedding so glamorous it will leave your guests amazed.

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You can create this elaborate and whimsical manzanita branch centerpiece using white hydrangeas, dianthus green trick, white wax flower and Chablis spray roses. Fluffy green dianthus, paired with oversized hydrangeas, creates an aura of fantasy and wonder. Making this the perfect centerpiece for any fairy tale or garden themed wedding.

What’s great about this tall centerpiece is that the branch doesn’t block anyone’s view, and allows for conversation around a table. You can also hang loose blossom or tea candles from the smaller branches for more decoration!

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DIY Floral Headband Video from Flower Designer
Eddie Zaratsian & BloomsByTheBox

Eddie Zaratsian has created a beautiful fresh floral headband and shown us all how to make it! This accent piece is not only beautiful but is also a great way to bring your bridesmaids together for a fun and beautiful pre-wedding activity.  Follow the tutorial below and tell us what you think in the comments! Don’t forget to share your Geo Floral arrangement with us on social media @bloomsbythebox.

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Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet

At BloomsByTheBox.com, we truly love eucalyptus. Not only is this greenery trendy but it has many uses that can be incorporated into any wedding or event. Its versatility can be integrated into rustic arrangements or even something more whimsical.  Wholesale eucalyptus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes as well which makes it a favorite for wedding designs. This resourceful greenery is mainly used as filler, but can be highlighted as a focal point as well.

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