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This DIY succulent and lavender boutonniere will keep your groom looking chic and smelling great for your wedding! A timeless trend, succulents are popping up at weddings everywhere, and are the perfect plant for any occasion. Lavender not only smells amazing, but conveys an essence of romance and serenity.

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Pink Wedding, Blooms by the box, Confetti Day Dreams

Essential Pink Wedding Flower Guide
with Confetti Day Dreams

Pink and Blush wedding flowers fall into the color palette of many of our Bloomsbythebox.com Brides and their Weddings. We partnered with Confetti Day Dreams to share everything you could want to know to include perfectly pink flowers into your wedding decor. We even made sure to include the seasons of the flowers so you know you’re getting the right blooms for your special day. Keep reading to see an excerpt of this feature.

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Spring, Hatbox, Garden Roses, Eddie Zaratsian

Spring Hatbox Arrangement by Designer
Eddie Zaratsian & BloomsByTheBox

It is time for Spring dresses, classic hats and bright flowers!  Eddie Zaratsian has created this perfect arrangement to compliment a classic hatbox with some Springtime beauty. Follow the tutorial below and tell us what you think in the comments! Don’t forget to share your Hatbox Arrangement with us on social media @bloomsbythebox.

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Wedding Flower Favorites: Tulips

Posted By on Apr 16, 2017

tulips are readily available

Nothing says “Spring” like seeing tulips pop up in your garden. Like many other spring flowers – think daffodils, hyacinths, and irises – these beautiful blooms bring rich, vibrant color and texture to any bouquet or arrangement.  We especially love the tulip for its availability:  Unlike some of its spring friends, wholesale tulips are readily available throughout the year. They are mainly grown in Holland and shipped all around the world.

Known for their amazing color variation, tulips symbolize “perfect love”, making them exquisite in wedding flowers and charming as gifts.  You can find these beauties in pink, red, orange, peach, white, yellow, purple, and even bi-colored varieties. Standard tulip buds are elegant and sleek, with one bloom per stem standing straight and tall. These blossoms have a cupped and starred shape which makes them quite unique compared to other varieties of flowers. Other varieties, like parrot tulips and fringed tulips, offer ruffled petal edges for additional texture.

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