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Air Plant and Succulent Boutonniere, Boutonniere, DIY Boutonniere, DIY Wedding, DIY BrideHow to Create an Air Plant and Succulent Boutonniere

Green is the wedding color of the year, so why not incorporate all its organic goodness into the unexpected details of your wedding day, like boutonnieres! This snazzy little piece has a lot of character and is simple to whip up in no time. Read on as floral designer Eddie Zaratsian takes you through a fantastic tutorial that will show you how to make an earthy-green Air Plant and Succulent Boutonniere. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to craft these Blooms By The Box plants into a wedding day dream!

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Saying “I do” in the middle of the desert has become quite the trend for bohemian brides! With warm, sunset colors and dry, dusty textures becoming a common combination in floral arrangements. Boho Desert weddings can be intimate with very subdued, rustic décor that blends in with the environment, or they can be extravagant, with glamorous accents that seem almost like a mirage in nature. No matter where your wedding falls on the desert spectrum, flowers like   , Blushing Bride Protea, and Bonsai Eucalyptus are great options for a boho desert wedding!

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Kale and Squash Floral Arrangement, Eddie Zaratsian Tutorial, DIY Flowers, DIY Centerpiece, DIY Arrangement
Dinner table to Design:
How to Make a Kale and Squash Floral Arrangement

Think Kale and Squash are just for the dinner table? Think again! These fruits of the earth harness a natural beauty that will bring a unique twist to your next floral arrangement or centerpiece! Floral designer Eddie Zaratsian walks through step-by-step the process so that you can create your own Kale and Squash Floral Arrangement! Follow the tutorial below to learn how to piece together these Blooms By The Box flowers into a beautiful centerpiece!

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