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We all look to fashion for advice on whats hot each season, now we can use the most dashing of colors in fashion in our wedding themes! Professionally trained eyes have picked out a color report that features the most modern and desired colors this fall! Visit Pantone Fall Color Report to learn about the choices, what designers are using them for and how you can steal some ideas for your wedding! You may even pick one of these colors for your bridesmaids, and your going to need the flowers to match! I know these colors look hard to match but don’t worry your not stuck with all white flowers! We have the perfect solution, floral sprays and dyes that allow you to customize and make your own flower colors.

Here is how you make your flowers these exotic colors:

1. Purchase Floral Spray available at bloomsbythebox.com that is not toxic and suitable for making your flowers custom colors. Purchase white flower of your choice for dyeing.
-Spray Each flower one at a time, holding the spray can straight down about 6-8 inches away from the flowers

2. Purchase Floral Dip-it Dye and white flower of your choice available at bloomsbythebox.com that is not toxic and suitable for making your flowers custom colors. Purchase white flower of your choice for dyeing.
-Dip flowers in floral dye, rinse off excess, continue until you reach desired shade. There are 12 colors available but different shades can be created by combining different color dyes. There are also thinners available to make more pale colors.

3. There is also a product called Absorb-it, these are dyes that the flower absorbs through the stem, but we do not recommend this for such custom colors, what you see is what you get with these colors and it is more difficult to modify.

The Best White Flowers To Use for Dying!
– Roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies, football mums, daisies, carnations, and alstroemeria.

Enjoy creating you own fashionable looks! For flower dye, sprays, and flowers visit Bloomsbythebox.com!

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Blooms By The Box wants to congratulate the LGBT community, New York finally legalized gay marriage! After all, that is what America is all about, fighting for rights and freedoms. Part of that American dream is getting married, not because of money, economic stability, or social ideologies of gender, but because love is real.

More than anything Blooms wants to celebrate love and our dream weddings. We all deserve our dream wedding and especially OUR DREAM WEDDING FLOWERS!

Bloomsbythebox.com is dedicated to helping engaged couples get the wedding flowers of their dreams at a much more reasonable price. We sell flowers at wholesale prices at the lowest quantities and even have next day, overnight delivery that ensures the freshness of your flowers.  We are dedicated to quality and our customers, this means that you can order your flowers a month or two in advance and have your ship date picked out for the future, you can even change things all the way up until the day your shipment goes out. DIY weddings are our specialty and we can help you make it your specialty as well! We have a Blooms Workshop and YouTube videos that help you step-by-step create your wedding arrangements like a pro!!

If you’re interested you can call (908-791-0487) for your free consultation that will help you pick wedding flower combinations, how much to order of each, and pick an appropriate ship date for your flower arrival!

We have everything you need from flowers to floral solutions and even wedding supplies! We have it all; calla lilies, roses, orchidsgerbera daisies, lilies, hydrangeas (all colors), and soo much more.

We hope that EVERY COUPLE can use blooms to make their American dream come true! Once again congrats LGBT couples, call to find out about getting 5% off your first purchase!!!!! Happy Weddings!

-From Blooms By The Box

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Baby’s breath has quite the background reputation. It always gets stuck behind the scenes, brides don’t realize it’s potential to be a star, hence its floral name Gysophila Million Star. Gysophila is known for being the most popular wedding filler in arrangements and bouquets, its rarely known as a focal flower. The great thing about baby’s breath is that is has a wonderful ability to create shape on its own, all you need to do is trim! It easy and give brides a classic dainty look to accent all of their wedding decor. Baby’s breath is a great tool for the DIY Bride because it is inexpensive and can be used to make pretty much any kind of arrangement.

How to make Baby’s Breath a Solo Act:

1. bunch together baby’s breath

2. tie it together

3. trim the baby’s breath to create desired bouquet/arrangement shape

4. use ribbon or floral vases to create desired look (modern, traditional, edgy, classic, etc.)

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Fall is approaching and fall wedding plans are coming together. Many brides dream of their fall wedding with bright oranges, vibrant reds, and pale yellows. The smell of pumpkins and fall harvest make this time of year just inimitable. Here is some inspiration for all of DIY brides preparing to arrange for their fall weddings!

Here are some ideas you can use for you fall flowers arrangements:

Hypericum: Use hypericum to add texture and red accents to your mostly orange flower arrangements. It is a tasteful way to add  red and green while filling the smaller spaces in an arrangement.

Curly Willow: Use curly willow to add edge to a traditional fall arrangement. The picture above shows a plain arrangement of orange orchids accented and complete with the sophisticated curly willow. A great way to incorporate the earthy tone of brown in the arrangements.

Lots of Fillers SAVE YOU MONEY: Fall flowers are great for the DIY Bride on a budget, because green and earthy tones are so important to the fall color scheme you can buy more fillers than flowers.

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