We all know carnations get a bad rap. I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear “I hate Carnations”. It is believed that they are a “cheap” flower with no life but I beg to differ. The carnation is making a comeback! (at least that’s what I’ve heard). There really are so many reasons to love carnations. Here are a few..

Carnations come in every color

Carnations come in probably the largest variety of natural colors of any flower. From it’s tried and trues to it’s fun and festive, color is just one reason to fall for these beautiful blooms. One of our bride’s favorite wedding packs, the Pantone marsala pack, features the stunning burgundy carnation. Burgundy carnations make for an inexpensive and moody pop of burgundy to any simple white or ivory palette. They are also very consistent in color. While most roses, spray roses, lisianthus, stock, and many others can vary in shade and hue on a bunch to bunch basis, carnations remain the same for the most part. A pink carnation will look the same pretty much all year round as the varieties are consistent. The saturation of carnations is another aspect we know and love. The burgundy is a deep, dark red. The peach is a soft, light hue. Color is just one of many reasons to love carnations.

the beautiful colors carnations come in!

You can’t beat carnations price

Price is yet another reason to love carnations. They run an average of a little less than to a little over a dollar per stem. $1 PER STEM!! There is a lot you can do by swapping the carnation for something a little pricier. Sold in multiples of 25 stems, 100 pink carnations will cost you $91! Carnations make excellent focal, secondary or filler flowers, which brings me to my next reason to love them…

Carnation pricing compared to roses, peonies and dahlias

Carnation Versatility

We have seen the carnation used in so many ways! From an elegant, all-white affair, to a colorful, wildflower fiesta carnations can be a solid foundation to any arrangement or bouquet. Pair peach carnations with light pink garden roses, white spray roses and silver dollar eucalyptus for an elegant garden-style arrangement. Or pair hot pink carnations with thistle and red roses for a mix and match, wildflower party. They also work as a focal flower with accompaniments such as spray roses, freesia, alstroemeria with fillers such as Limonium, queen Anne’s lace, and statice. Carnations can be placed just about anywhere and used for so many things. I’m telling you, don’t sleep on these beautiful blooms!

examples of carnations in real weddings

Photos by: Agape Moments, Leaf Wedding Photography, Little Little Photo, and Melody Gilkin


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