Blooms By The Box wants to congratulate the LGBT community; New York finally legalized gay marriage! After all, that is what America is all about, fighting for rights and freedoms. Part of that American dream is getting married, not because of money, economic stability, or social ideologies of gender, but because love is real.

More than anything Blooms wants to celebrate love and our dream weddings. We all deserve our dream wedding and especially OUR DREAM WEDDING FLOWERS! is dedicated to helping engaged couples get the wedding flowers of their dreams at a much more reasonable price. We sell flowers at wholesale prices at the lowest quantities and even have next day overnight delivery that ensures the freshness of your flowers.  We are dedicated to quality and our customers; this means that you can order your flowers a month or two in advance and have your ship date picked out for the future, you can even change things all the way up until the day your shipment goes out. DIY weddings are our specialty, and we can help you make it your specialty as well! We have a Blooms Workshop and YouTube videos that help you step-by-step create your wedding arrangements like a pro!!

If you’re interested, you can call (908-791-0487) for your free consultation that will help you pick wedding flower combinations, how much to order of each, and pick an appropriate ship date for your flower arrival!

We have everything you need from flowers to floral solutions and even wedding supplies! We have it all; calla lilies, roses, orchidsgerbera daisies, lilies, hydrangeas (all colors), and so much more.

We hope that EVERY COUPLE can use blooms to make their American dream come true! Once again congrats LGBT couples, call to find out about getting 5% off your first purchase!!!!! Happy Weddings!

-From Blooms By The Box

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