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Flowers can elevate any event to the next level; you can create romance, elegance and lasting memories with just a few stems! So while ultimately your wedding is the coveted finish line to your engagement, there are many significant events along the way that could use flowers, because they weigh just as much importance and call for just as much attention to detail. The months leading up to your wedding should be a blissful experience and every moment should be memorable, and what better way to make memories than with flowers!

Gifting Flowers

Yes, Technically you’re the one who just got engaged, but who says you shouldn’t spread the love? Thank all of the special people in your life who are celebrating this moment with you, and what better way to say it than with flowers!? Send a beautiful bouquet of Peonies to your future mother in law as a symbol of her growing family. Even better, invite both of your moms to arrange the flowers together and turn it into a bonding experience!


Bridesmaid Proposals

If you’re looking for a creative way to tap your bridesmaids for their important roles, look no further than flowers. What’s more memorable than fresh flowers and a few funny mementos? Choose something unexpected like hydrangeas or carnations.


Engagement Party

Your engagement party is a prelude to what your wedding will be like, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Chances are the event will be more intimate, so perhaps one large arrangement at the head of the table might be more effective, and fabulous, than multiple centerpieces. Garden roses are a great choice for a full, elegant arrangement.


Bridal Shower

If you need flowers for any event other than your wedding, it’s your Bridal Shower.  An event famous for its fun and frills, flowers just seem like a must. Get creative; this is your chance to test out all those over the top ideas that didn’t seem to fit in your wedding. Try something vibrant like Gerbera Daisies or whimsical like Baby’s Breath.


Bachelorette Party

Not that you’ll be taking flowers to the club, but if you decide to do a catered dinner or boozy brunch, flowers would be a nice touch… we’re just saying. Not to mention, Eucalyptus can transform any table from drab to fab, and Dendrobium Bombay Purple Orchids are edible and can be used for garnish!






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