Happy Halloween – belated! Arrangements in a Pumpkin

Martha Stewart asks, “What are you using as centerpieces?” In the spirit of Halloween and fall decorating, check out this beautiful idea for a fall wedding or party. This spectacular arrangement is made with orange and yellow roses, orange mini calla lilies, orange hypericum berries, tulips and daffodils. While I love it just the way it is, DIYers who are trying to save money may want to opt for in-season chrysanthemums rather than the tulips and daffodils.

To make this yourself, simply carve out the pumpkin (just like making a Jack-O-Lantern without the eyes, nose and mouth!) Insert floral foam that has been thoroughly soaked in water or insert a vase or container filled with water into the carved out pumpkin.

If you prefer not to have the mess of a real pumpkin, invest in a ceramic one that can be used for many years to come. We made this simple arrangement with cream-colored roses, Viking mums, orange wax flowers and lily grass. While we could have used floral foam, we just used the pumpkin like a vase and filled it with water.

Arranging flowers in pumpkins are a simple and fun way to enjoy the beauty of the season and to have a Happy Halloween!

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