Pinterest Weddings and Reality Budgets – 5 Tips

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Pinterest Weddings vs Reality BudgetsIf you have a Pinterest and you are engaged you can relate to this very funny yet strikingly honest ecard. You are inundated with images of high end finishes, extravagant venues, million dollar wedding dresses, and extremely expensive decor/details on Pinterest. It has become unusually easy to develop unrealistic expectations for your wedding.

There are Pinterest weddings and reality budgets…Caught in that predicament? Well there are 5 solutions to help you work through your wedding planning:

1. Use Pinterest as a point of inspiration, not your wedding template.  Learn that adjusting ideas to realistically fit your budget is going to also make the process a whole lot more pleasant for all parties involved. When you see a wedding you LOVE, instead of trying to replicate that exact wedding, use the important elements as a wedding guide. For example, use that wedding’s color inspiration and general theme. Creating a vintage, modern, rustic, or themed event can absolutely be done on a budget without spending as much money as Kim Kardashian.

2. Create your own flower arrangements. I am sure you noticed that some of the most pinned images are extravagant arrangements with the most pricey flowers. Getting high end flowers and paying a florist can run you THOUSANDS of dollars. Compromise. Only buy a few bunches of high end flowers for your bouquet and the grooms boutonniere, then order similar, yet more affordable flowers for the rest of your arrangements. Maybe even hire a florist to make bouquets while you make centerpieces, either way you will greatly offset your costs.

Pinterest Vs Reality Budget

Photos: Left-  Bell the Magazine  Right- Anna Guziak Photography on Style Me Pretty

3. Recycle. Get the decor you want… and make it count for double! Bring arrangements, props, signage, flowers, and decor from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Are your friends having weddings around the same time or year? Split the cost of vases or items that can be used in original ways at each wedding. Being green can also save you some green.

4. Remember What Is REALLY Important. Congratulations, you have found someone to spend the rest of your life with. If you have a tight budget, don’t let it get you down, you are coming out a winner on this day no matter what.

5. Use Pinterest DIY Tutorials. While Pinterest is notorious for it’s over the top wedding inspiration it is also famous for it’s bountiful supply of DIY picture tutorials. Refocus some of your Pinterest time to finding some DIY projects that are perfect for your wedding and budget! Don’t forget BloomsByTheBox has a DIY Flower Projects board with hundreds of picture tutorials.

6. Create Your Budget then STICK TO IT. It’s common to sit down and make a budget then go way over once you the wedding industry has to offer. It is tough to stay on track but you can do it! We believe you can!

We can help! Create your dream arrangements on a budget with DIY flowers! Just send us your Pinterest inspiration and we can help you create flowers on a reality budget!


  1. I’ve used pinterest on many occasions for a little bit of inspiration. It’s very easy to get carried away on that site!

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