All right, I am now reverting back to advise for all you brides-to-be out there. As you all know the wedding season is now at a dull roar, but that doesn’t mean that the planning stops. And beyond all the planning, I’m sure all you future brides out there have some questions other than, “What flowers should I use?” or “What should I use for my cake toppers?” This is where our friend Meg comes in. Her blog, A Practical Wedding, has morphed into a phenomenon and haven for the newly engaged and newlyweds alike. As her bio states, “I started this blog in 2008 to talk about planning our August 2009 wedding. Somewhere along the line, the blog stopped being about me, and started being a lot of grounded smart-alecky women talking intelligently about their weddings and marriages.”

Much like marriage, wedding planning is assumed to be exciting, exhilarating, and every other adjective that starts with an “e” that expresses joy and happiness. For some lucky brides-to-be out there, yes… their wedding planning is a breeze, but for most, it feels like a lot of stress and strife. For example, you found the perfect wedding venue… Oh wait, it costs how much? You were planning on using peonies in your bridal bouquet… I guess you should have thought about that before you picked a July wedding date. You have your heart set on this incredible DJ… Well, he is booked when you need him. Get the picture?

Lucky for you, there’s A Practical Wedding! This is where you can get advice from those who have been where you are, gain some support from some great people, and most importantly, regain some of your sanity! The best part about A Practical Wedding is that it is so much more than a blog about weddings; it’s a blog about weddings, marriage, and EVERYTHING in between; from the hard stuff (i.e. calling off your wedding, when things don’t go as planned, etc…) to how to DJ your wedding with an iPod. Meg even has an “Ask Team Practical” column every Friday, where you can write a wedding or marriage related question to Alyssa, a member of Team Practical and APW Wedding Graduate, and she’ll give some awesome advice on how to tackle whatever needs tackling.

Meg has also ingeniously created Wedding Undergraduates and Wedding Graduates, which is probably my favorite part of APW. Wedding Undergraduates share their story pre-wedding, while Wedding Graduates share what they have learned, from proposal to planning, to walking down the aisle. It’s great for those of you who are in the early stages of planning because you get the opportunity to be like, “Oh, I feel the same way!” or “Maybe I shouldn’t be worried if the icing on my cupcakes matches the bridesmaid dresses…”

But what I think I love most about A Practical Wedding is Meg’s honesty, insight, and her ability to make the whole wedding and marriage process seem more authentic. I’m not saying that other blogs out there aren’t genuine, but APW stands out in the sea of wedding blogs. All in all, A Practical Wedding is a smart, wedding community that every bride-to-be should WANT to be included. So what are you waiting for, go check it out!

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