Isn’t it nice when people who serve our country get married military style!? I think so.  But what about the flowers, What do you do? That’s a very common question for those who are planning a military wedding! But don’t worry, we have answers! Military weddings have some strict guidelines, but luckily for the military bride, flowers have no such restrictions. What it’s really all about is trying make your flowers fit the theme and colors that will be present.

Here are some color and floral combinations you will love!

Lots of golden (yellow) flowers are used for military weddings because almost every military uniform from navy to air-force has gold in it. The arrangement idea below matches the military uniform and brings color and pop to the bride, bridal party, and center pieces. These arrangements feature yellow rosescarnations, football mums and green lily grass.

Traditional military weddings most often use solid white or red bouquets. These are clean tangible choices that minimize  clutter. Besides, there’s plenty of color within military uniforms. It’s a more modern, sheik look to stay simple.  Simple silhouettes are crisp and delicate. The white bouquet highlights the white calla lily with a simple filler called green ti leaves. The red bouquet spotlights red roses with touches of green lily grass.

These austere arrangements are the perfect touch to your military wedding. And since we appreciate the men and women serving our country, here at we offer a special military discount for our soldiers who are getting married. Enter VGNQN to get your military discount!

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