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A summer wedding sounds wonderful, with the sun shining and bright blue sky, but all that fun in the sun comes with a few setbacks. Whether it’s your guests sweating through the ceremony or your centerpieces sagging halfway through the main course. If you want to survive a summer wedding, we’ve got a few tips to share that will make your summer wedding a success!

Survive a Summer Wedding


Stay in the Shade

Keep cool by having your ceremony or reception in the shade. It will ensure that you won’t be squinting in your photos and that your guests stay comfortable on a hot day!


Shield your Stems

Just like you shouldn’t stay out in the sun for too long, so should your flowers! Keep petals from crisping and stems from drooping, by keeping centerpieces and bouquet out of direct sunlight.


Avoid Melting Makeup

Unless you want your makeup melting mid-ceremony, we suggest opting for airbrush or powder products. Blotting papers are your best friend, so keep them handy for quick touch-ups!


Drink Plenty of Water

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stay hydrated during a summer wedding. Drinking water will keep your body temperature cool, and you will feel refreshed.


Give your Flowers a Drink

Your flowers might need water more than you do. Don’t forget to refill your centerpieces with cool water every few hours and mist your bouquet with a spray bottle, so it stays perky!


Throw It Up-do

While it might be tempting to rock long, flowing tendrils for a wedding, you will be hot. Avoid loose strands sticking to your skin or heavy hair heating up against your back, with an elegant up-do.


Ditch the Heavy Dress

You can still look your best and feel comfortable, just keep fabrics in mind. Stick to materials like batiste, georgette, or linen for a dress that will not only look cool but keep you cool.


Find Durable Flowers

Just like it’s important to keep the fabric in mind for your big day, it’s also essential to consider flower types. Certain flowers like; lisianthus, gerbera daisies, and calla lilies, fair better in hot weather.

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