Take your bridal party to the next level with these darling sweet pea flower crowns! The rustic scabiosa stems make it the perfect accessory for a boho bridal shower or wedding!

About The Flowers

Sweet peas have been used for centuries to add a faint, sweet scent to wedding bouquets floral arrangements, and are still a wedding flower favorite to this day. And, just in case you weren’t crazy enough about these colorful beauties already, sweet peas symbolize bliss and appreciation – two emotions that should be overflowing on your big day! Make sure to carefully remove sweet peas from their packaging as soon as your delivery arrives. The stems may be slightly entwined – carefully separate them before trimming stems and putting in to water.

Scabiosa require a constant water supply, so make sure you get them back in to water as soon as you receive them. It is perfectly normal for a bunch of scabiosa to have some stems without any petals. Their stems are very thin, causing the blooms to flop or droop – this is absolutely normal! To avoid drooping before your event, support the stems and blooms by re-hydrating them in a tall vase.

What You’ll Need

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