We’re thrilled to announce our “What’s Your Aisle Style?” 2017 Sweepstakes winner, Erin Vinoski, who chose Rustic Romance as her “Aisle Style!”

Erin and her fiancé Brad will be getting married on November 3, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. They currently reside in North Carolina while Erin finishes her PhD and Brad works, but hope to settle down in Atlanta in the future.

“Being a PhD student and a DIY bride certainly has its challenges. I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to wedding planning at the moment, and PhD students don’t exactly make a lot of money! I am incredibly lucky to have a partner who is just as excited and engaged in the wedding planning process as I am, and family and friends who are always willing to help, even though they live far away.”

“I wanted to DIY my flowers for the wedding primarily to reduce costs, but also to be able to order and design exactly what I want to achieve the romantic, classic look we see for our wedding. The best part of DIY-ing my flowers will be spending quality time with my mom, four amazing bridesmaids, and a great friend from Atlanta who has some floral expertise, while we design the arrangements!”

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