We are so excited about our recent feature on A Practical Wedding! They share their thoughts on DIY Flowers, the convenience of online shopping and the perks of pre-made flower packs!

“Back when I was planning my very low-budget wedding with very little help, the detail that intimidated me the most was the flowers. And when something intimidates me, I tend to procrastinate. So I procrastinated flowers so much that the only reason our vintage vases got filled with anything at all was because my one of my friends turned out to have spent a few summers working in the floral department of a grocery store, and when he found out the day before the wedding that we had, um, zero plans for flowers, he was off and running.”

“The resulting centerpieces were nothing short of a wedding miracle, but I always look a little longingly at other people’s wedding flowers (allow me to tell you in great detail about the succulents and anemone bridesmaid bouquet I once carried) and wonder what we could have done if I had, you know, planned ahead. And if I got that wedding flowers to do over, the first thing I would do is reach out to Blooms By The Box.”

Click here to read the full feature and get an exclusive offer!

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