We’re super excited to share that our beautiful barn chic wedding of Meagan and Lee was featured on Bustld. Keep on reading for a short excerpt from the full feature and all the gorgeous photos.

The inspiration for Meagan and Lee’s barn wedding theme came from their photographer’s wedding which had occurred at the same venue three years before. Meagan absolutely fell in love with the combination of elegant and rustic elements that were incorporated throughout the venue and loved the simplistic beauty of the barn.

The wedding of this talented wedding planner was (as expected), nothing short of spectacular. Magnolia Grove’s owner created a dream day for her perfect day. Starting with their outdoor ceremony which had a rustic fireplace mantle backdrop and bright late-summer wildflowers lining the natural wood aisle. Bright pops of magenta and violet flowers were the perfect complement to the burlap chair ties and rustic décor.

The indoor barn reception was the epitome of barn chic with loose wildflower florals and metallic accents paired with bark covered vases. The couple actually chose to have two receptions, one on Friday for family only and then another full reception on Saturday – how fun! One of the best parts of the wedding weekend was the surprise mega-dance routine performed by not only Lee but also the ushers, Meagan’s cousins and a few family friends!

Meagan and Lee serendipitously met on Tinder after Meagan’s friend created a profile on her behalf as a joke. Although the two “matched,” they didn’t meet in person until a few weeks later when Lee happened to stop by Meagan’s work. After a few minutes, they realized who the other was and talked for almost four hours! Lee asked her to dinner that night and while she said no she did give him her phone number. The rest, as they say, is history!

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