We’re super excited to share the New Orleans wedding of Marcela and Ryan! Everything — from the bouquet to the venue — was bursting with color at this tropical inspired wedding! The florals were blooming with texture, using flowers like Protea, Peonies, and Thistle, that popped perfectly against the pastel pink background of the venue! Keep on reading for more wedding details and all the gorgeous photos.

Was there a theme or style?

The theme was lightly tropical with a lot of the inspiration coming from the venue, Race and Religious, and the park where we got engaged and held our ceremony.

Saybre Photography

How did you incorporate DIY details into your wedding day?

The flowers were sort of DIY. My great aunt and aunt are both floral designers with my great aunt living in Colombia. We flew her in and asked her to design our arrangements. I selected the flowers and worked closely with them both to decide The quantity and style. They arrived a few days early and really helped pull it all together.

Saybre Photography

Saybre Photography

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding?

I have a few. The first look was memorable for me. I remember feeling so rushed and nervous but trying to not let it show in my photos. But finally, when the time came to see Ryan I was so nervous and wanted to run! I lost it a little and we both teared up. After that, the nerves were better. Ryan and I couldn’t decide on our first dance. We probably went through hundreds of songs before the big day. We went all the way through the ceremony and still hadn’t decided until Breanna gave us some suggestions on the way to the reception. During our sweetheart dinner, we pulled up the song and practiced dancing while we were alone. Bre captured a sweet private shot of us finally having decided.  The dance was perfect and we danced like we had practiced for months. It fit like a glove.

Saybre Photography

Saybre Photography

Were there any traditions you chose to include/exclude on your wedding day?

We did a lot of them. First look, first dance, toasts, garter toss, bouquet toss. We got married in New Orleans so we incorporated a mini second line. Our cake was not a traditional wedding cake, instead 3 normal cakes from a bakery down the street.  We chose not to include religion in our ceremony but we did want to make it spiritual in a sense. We got married under a beautiful tree symbolizing nature and community and all that comes before us and after us. We also did a warming of the rings where the wedding bands are handed around to the guests and they bless the rings before we exchange our vows. It’s sentimental and my siblings did them both in their ceremonies as well. I thought it was beautiful.

We also chose to get married on a Tuesday. The venue was a little bit cheaper and we got to have a long weekend to enjoy with our family and friends. Everyone came in early and we had our bachelor and bachelorette in New Orleans the Saturday prior. It was very memorable and the planning was a little bit easier without having to worry about competition with other weddings.

Saybre Photography

Do you have any tips for future brides?

Don’t worry so much about what your mom wants. Do what you want and be happy. Don’t be afraid to buck tradition, embrace it, or alter it into your own thing.

Saybre Photography

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Venue: Race and Religious | http://raceandreligious.com/  | info@raceandreligious.com | IG @raceandreligous

Photographer: Bre Saxon from SayBre Photography | bre@saybre.com | IG @saybre

Planner: | Mint Julep Productions | http://www.mintjulepproductions.com/  | sarah@mintjulepproductions.com | IG @mintjulepproductions

Flowers: Blooms by the Box | www.bloomsbythebox.com | service@bloomsbythebox.com | IG @bloomsbythebox

Floral Designer: Emita Lapeira and Olga Cadena  | IG @lapeirabodasyeventos

Cake: Bittersweet Confections | http://www.bittersweetconfections.com/ | cheryl@bittersweetconfections.com | IG @bittersweetnola

Dress: BHLDN | https://www.bhldn.com/  | support@bhldn.com | IG @bhldn

Makeup Artist: McKenzie with Stardust Salon

Catering: King Creole of My House Social | http://www.myhousesocial.com/  | info@myhousesocial.com | IG @myhousesocial

DJ: #Zeji

Invitation Design: Streets of Atlanta Promotions | http://www.streetsofatl.com/  | ryan@streetsofatl.com  | IG #streetsofatlanta

Invite Printer: Claxton Printing | http://www.claxtonprinting.com/  | #claxtonprinting

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