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Fall florals will feature both moody hues and rich jewel tones, tousled in overgrown arrangements. Burgundy dahlias paired with pale pink roses and dusty blue fillers like thistle and delphinium, will be framed by wild, textured greens and branches. Pops of color will draw inspiration from the sunset, with shades of fuschia and burnt orange. Here are a few color, arrangement and flower trends you can expect to see at fall weddings!

Fall Flower Trends


Colors, Arrangements, and Blooms



Moody Hues

Expect to see dark blooms in shades of wine and velvet this fall, paired with forest greens and chocolate accents.

Dusty Pastels


While dusty rose and pale blush still reign supreme in the world of flowers, we see a similar hue in baby blues!

Jewel Tones


Mixed with some of the moody trends, jewel tones are making a serious comeback this season with brilliant shades of fuschia, plum, and emerald!


Natural Neutrals


You’ll be sure to see a few brides sticking to basics while embracing the greenery trend, with white or cream blooms surround by lush greens.

Desert Sunset

Warm sun-kissed blooms in shades of orange, bronze, and peach will be a lighter variation to some of the desert inspired bouquets we can expect to see this year.




Wild Bouquets

The bigger, the better, expect to see whimsical, overgrown bouquets in the hands of brides this fall.


DIY Your Own Dusty Blue Bouquet Using Eucalyptus and Thistle


Garland Table Runners


Not only do we love the concept of a long communal table over the traditional round set up, but garland table runners also give such a lush, elegant and contemporary look in place of centerpieces.


Minimalist Bouquets

Brides are opting for simple, delicate bouquets using only a few stems to make a statement on their special day.


Tall Centerpieces


We love the grand, ornate look of a tall trumpet centerpiece. Tall trumpet centerpieces are also great for conversations because you never have to worry about flowers blocking your guests!


Hanging Arrangements


While flower walls are still a jaw-dropping statement piece, the sky’s the limit with hanging arrangements! Enchant your guests with whimsical floating flowers and carnation chandeliers!






Dahlias are a bride favorite that is only growing more popular with new color varieties this season!



Probably one the most popular greens for weddings, eucalyptus comes in a few varieties and can even be used alone for a modern look.


Wedding Flower Favorite: Eucalyptus



Don’t be surprised if you see tropical flora like protea, anthurium, and tepee at an October wedding! Brides are bringing elements of the tropics to their mainland weddings.



You read that right, produce has become a trendy accent in floral arrangements, and we don’t see it leaving anytime soon. Artichokes, pomegranates, and kale won’t just be items on your plate this wedding season.



Peonies have been having a moment for what seems like years, and truth be told, we still can’t get over their fluffy, ruffled petals! Peonies are still very popular at weddings, but we predict they’ll be paired with more textured flowers for a unique look.


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