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Find dark blue and light blue flowers, including hydrangeas, irises and spray-tinted blue blossoms that will help you achieve a more vibrant, eye-catching shade that stands out in a crowd. Our spray-tinted blue flowers feature a truly unique and long-lasting two-toned dimension that you simply cannot find in nature. With that being said, naturally-occurring blue flowers are surely a treat to behold, and come in a wide range of gorgeous hues of blue, all available from Blooms by the Box. Whether you’re in the market for blooms for your all-blue flower bouquets or need light blue flowers for weddings, baby showers and more, you’ll find it here.

Blue flowers carry a wide range of connotations, from calming worries and igniting peace to celebrating openness and serenity. Most blue blossoms have their own unique symbolism — for example, blue roses are said to send a message that you find your lover mysterious and intriguing, a fun and romantic sentiment to give your betrothed on your special day.

Popular Types of Blue Flowers

  • Hydrangea
  • Thistle
  • Cornflower
  • Delphinium
  • Iris
  • Roses
  • Veronica
  • Scabiosa
  • Anemone

Blue Flowers for Weddings and Events

Whether you envision an elegant monochrome blue bouquet or a statement-making multi-colored centerpiece, Blooms by the Box has the perfect blue flowers to complete your one-of-a-kind vision, from nautical and sophisticated to earthy and wild. With versatile blue hydrangeas that make any ordinary centerpiece extraordinary as well as unique blue eryngiums that are a must-have for your rustic blue bouquets or boutonnieres, this selection of blue flowers for wedding and event décor includes all the true-blue necessities required for your specific floral blue masterpiece.

How to Care for Blue Flowers

When your flowers arrive, they will be wrapped in a protective envelope inside a box. Do your best to unbox them as quickly as possible after they arrive, so that they can begin the rehydration process. Add approximately 4 inches of water to a vase along with the provided plant food, then stir well. Cut the stems of your flowers underwater at a diagonal angle and remove any greens that will fall below the water line. Add your flowers to the vase and allow several hours for rehydration.

We’re happy to help you get the perfect flowers and color tones for your blue wedding. In fact, Blooms by the Box supplies one-on-one advice and consultation services to all customers to ensure that their DIY arrangements come out just as they expect. Pick up eye-catching slate blue flowers, light blue wholesale flowers or natural blue flowers to match your unique theme and setting. These stems make the perfect base for pairing with cream flowers and the greens of your choice or can be integrated into any wild, earthy arrangement with succulents and wildflowers.

Blooms by the Box specializes in selling wholesale flowers in small quantities, so you can create your perfect DIY wedding floral designs or special event decorations on your budget. Questions? Feel free to contact our personal live design and customer support team for assistance.

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Blue / Green FD Hydrangea Petals (30 Cups)

Blue / Green FD Hydrangea Petals (30 Cups)

$56.70 - $63.00

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue

$15.26 - $16.10

Hyacinthus Blue Flower

Hyacinthus Blue Flower

$17.82 - $18.81

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