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Spider Anastasia Bronze

Common Names: Spider Mums

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The exotic Bronze Spider Chrysanthemum lends an air of sophistication to a floral design. It is on the cutting edge of the modern wedding scene and has become quite the trend. Like other spiders, Anastasia has a single head with elongated outer petals with no defined center. There are single blooms per stem, which is strong and perfect for all your arrangement needs. These gorgeous DIY flowers add a little something extra to a DIY centerpiece or bouquet.
Size: Blooms are 3”-5” in diameter, stems are 23”-25” in length
Vase Life: 5-10 days depending on environmental conditions.
Availability: October-November
Suggestions: Because the spider mum is such an eye-catcher you want to use flowers that will not conflict with its boldness! It looks wonderful in a bouquet of its own or in an arrangement with daisies. Have some fun with this one and experiment. 

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