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Desert Sunset Wedding Flower Pack

A single package includes the following:

25 Stems of Rose 40 cm
25 Stems of Rose 40 cm
2 Bunches of Spider Mum (20 stems)
2 Bunches of Snapdragons (20 stems)
2 Bunches of Hypericum Berries (20 stems)
2 Bunches of Scabiosa Pods (20 stems)
2 Bunches of Thistle Dynamite (10 stems)
2 Bunches of Eucalyptus Bonsai (Approx. 10-16 stems)



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The Desert Sunset wedding flower pack features blooms in warm, vibrant shades of peach, lavender, cream, and burgundy to resemble the glow of a setting sun. You can customize this pack to create the sunset of your choice! Pair peach and coral roses to mimic a glowing sunset over a desert canyon or use lavender roses with burgundy snapdragons for a moody desert sunset effect. This pack was designed with dimension and texture in mind and curated by one of our wedding flower experts. Please note: ALL PACKS ARE SUBJECT TO SUBSTITUTIONS.

This pack will make 8-10 medium sized arrangements. This means you can make 4-5 bouquets and 4-5 centerpieces or any combination of the two. For boutonnieres and corsages, you should plan to use one focal flower and one piece of green and/or filler per boutonniere/corsage. A single stem of green and/or filler can make multiple boutonnieres/corsages.

Size: 8-10 Arrangements
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 7-10 days
Price Class: $ $

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