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1/2" Waterproof Floratape Stem Wrap (Green)

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Single Roll of 1/2" Green Waterproof Tape - 60yds Waterproof tape is an all-purpose method used to secure the wet foam to containers. The tape is waterproof and pressure sensitive. Once adhered to a dry surface, it will remain firm and in place even when exposed to moisture. It sticks on pottery, metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics... almost anything. This tape is used to secure foam into a container by securing the tape to one side of the container, over the foam, then securing it to the other side. Most often, it is crisscrossed for added stability. It can be used to anchor flowers in vases and can also be used to anchor pillar and taper holders securely in place.

Size: 1/2" width, 60 yards per roll
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