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Wholesale Garden Roses & Cabbage Roses

Did you know there are actually several types of roses? Garden roses are the rounder, fluffier alternative to traditional roses, which makes them especially popular for weddings. This soft shape and texture has an undeniably romantic look and the voluminous bloom adds lots of texture to bouquets and centerpieces. However, because these flowers come in a wide variety of colors that ranges from cream garden roses to deep red roses, they can be incorporated into floral arrangements for a wide variety of events. Try combining a wide range of colors and styles of wholesale roses into a single bridal bouquet for over-the-top romance. If you’re more partial to a monochromatic look, then stick to a single color choice while still utilizing a variety of roses in order to accomplish a varied-yet-singular appearance.

If you’ve been eyeing some gorgeous flowers like these for your wedding or special event, check out the wholesale garden roses available at Blooms by the Box. We offer garden roses wholesale by the box, bunch or stem to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Wholesale flowers are the easiest way to add a DIY touch to a special occasion, plus you’ll save hundreds of dollars versus what you would’ve spent at an overpriced florist. Keep your spending in check while still creating the floral décor of your dreams with wholesale garden roses and cabbage roses from Blooms by the Box.

How to Care for Wholesale Garden and Cabbage Roses

Garden roses have big flower heads on delicate stems, require special care and have an extremely short vase life. Keep them out of direct sunlight to help the blooms last as long as possible. Rehydrate the flowers by cutting the stems at an angle under cool water. Fill your vase with 4 inches of water and remove any foliage from below the waterline to avoid cloudy and foul-smelling water. Visit our care page for more information.

Popular Wholesale Garden and Cabbage Rose Colors

Our garden rose colors are perfect for all sorts of wedding arrangements. Ranging from white to hot pink, you’ll find that our roses add a great pop of sweet color or act as a staple of purity and grace. Alabaster and O’Hara white are perfect for a traditional bouquet, while caramel antike cream adds a little peach blush hue. The Ashley color harkens back to the Victorian age, while light pinks bring the romance. For a splash of passion, check out our red and hot pink shades of garden and cabbage roses.

Wholesale Garden and Cabbage Rose Meaning

Humans have grown and tended roses for millennia. While their meaning depends on their colors, for the most part roses symbolize love, honor, devotion, wisdom, timelessness, passion and more. (For rose color meanings, visit our wholesale rose page.) Roses are also often associated with numerology, the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Isis and Jesus Christ. In a Tarot card deck, the rose symbolizes balance as well as promise and hope. 

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