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Gerpom Red

Common Names: Germini Daisy, Gerrondo Daisy

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Warning! Passionate red ahead! Our wholesale red gerpom daisies, also known as germini or gerrondo daisies, are a bright, brilliant exciting red that can really tie your DIY arrangement together. Daisies after summer? Sure! Ours are available year-round. Pair them with sprigs of fresh pine, white roses and red hypericum for an unforgettable winter bouquet.

Gerpoms, like other gerbera daisies, are phototropic and will turn in the direction of sunlight. To avoid this, position your arrangement under a light source, or turn the vase as needed to keep the stems from bending too far in one direction. To slow the maturation process, keep out of direct sunlight and keep away from heat.

Note: These are not specific varieties of gerpom/gerrondo/germini daisies. Petal color and center color will vary by bunch. 

Size: Bloom size approx. 2"

Vase Life: 4-7 days depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year


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