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Israeli Ruscus Green
Israeli Ruscus

Israeli Ruscus Green

This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 50

1 to 4 bunches

$67.45 per bunch

5 to 19 bunches

$66.03 per bunch

20 to 49 bunches

$64.61 per bunch

50 or more bunches

$63.19 per bunch



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Common Names: Butcher's Broom

 Israeli ruscus greenery, also known as “butcher’s broom,” is a wildly popular choice for greenery in wedding bouquets — or any bouquets or arrangements where some extra fullness and volume are needed. The popularity of adding fresh greenery for wedding bouquets to arrangements (or using greenery as the main focus) has skyrocketed — particularly since Pantone’s announcement in recent years, making this verdant green its Color of the Year. Whatever your reason is for adding these healthy greens to your bouquets or arrangements, Israeli ruscus greens is a great choice because of its fullness and its long vase life. This easy-to-work-with greenery for wedding bouquets is simple to integrate into any type of floral theme — whether it is romantic, traditional, modern and contemporary. Each bunch contains approximately 50 stems, which means that this filler will go a long way.


Stems/Bunch: 50
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 1” to 2” leaves, 22” to 26” stem length
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 10-12 days
Price Class: $ $ $
Special Care: When your greens arrive, remove any leaves that will sit below the water line and cut the stems about an inch from the bottom. Place them in cool water and keep them away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Change the water daily or when it gets cloudy.
Suggestions: For modern or contemporary bouquets or arrangements. Its fullness and bright green color are ideal for a solo act! Form this greenery into centerpieces, wreaths, and topiaries. Gather the Israeli ruscus around large pillar candles, or add sprigs of this green down the center of a long table as a green table runner. For winter weddings, add berries and white or silvery accents. For springtime or summer weddings, add some bright wildflowers and baby’s breath.

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