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Tepee Greens

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Common Names: Emerald Palm

Are you having a beach-themed wedding or hosting a tropical-themed event? Consider incorporating Teepee palms to your floral designs for a dramatic effect greenery. Teepee palms, also known as Emerald palms, are one of several Latin greens hailing from the jungles of Central and South America. Consisting of multiple narrow leaves and measuring approximately 30 inches from top to bottom, they add plenty of height and texture to your DIY arrangements. Create eye-catching centerpieces consisting of generous bunches of teepee stems, bird of paradise and protea pincushions. To capture the elegance of a formal occasion, complement these brilliant greens with orchids. For a nautical event, drape palm leaves across the center of each table and accent them with seashells and votive candles. Each leaf will have very thin, long leaves radiating from some point on each side. 


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