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Floral Greenery

Looking to add a lush floral look to your wedding or another special event? Greens are the way to go. This is perhaps the hottest Pinterest trend for weddings these days, because greenery easily incorporates a natural, rustic look into any floral arrangement for an affordable price. Gone are the days when only roses and other classic flowers were used for special occasions. Now, you can add that woodsy and outdoorsy feel to your venue just by incorporating wholesale flowers and greens from Blooms by the Box.

Floral greenery tends to hold up well in the sun and heat without wilting or browning, which is why so many summer brides are opting to go green for their wedding floral arrangements. By adding floral greenery to your décor, you can achieve a lush look that is full of vibrancy without going over budget. To take your bohemian wedding theme to the next level, try creating a bridal crown made from a wreath of delicate and feminine greens.

In this collection, you’ll find a number of attractive green leaves for bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements. Brides and event planners love horse tail, bear grass and other wispy greens for bohemian floral arrangements. Meanwhile, wholesale seeded eucalyptus, ivy, ferns, palm leaves and lemon leaf garland make for lush, romantic vibes. Shop at Blooms by the Box to get lovely fresh greenery to incorporate into your DIY wedding décor.

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