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Celosia Yellow

Common Names: Feathered Celosia, Celosia Argentea, or Plumed Cockscomb

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Celosia comes in bright shades of red, yellow, fuchsia, and orange, and their plumes come to a pointed tip - this gives them a similar look and feel to the flame of a bonfire. When you see these intensely colored flowers, you'll understand why the ancient Greeks named them "kelos," which translates to "burning" in English. Celosia is one of those flowers that you can't help but touch! Each plume on this whimsical flower is feathery and soft, and with the wide variety of colors they come in, these unique filler flowers work perfectly in any arrangement.
Size: 18 inch stems
Vase Life: 7-14 days. Remove leaves from stems and keep water clean to extend vase life. 
Suggestions: Pair Celosia with Dahlias and greens for an eye-catching wedding bouquet, or combine them with Dusty Miller and Hydrangea for a soft and cuddly baby shower arrangement!

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