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DIY Video: Preparing Wholesale Roses For Arrangements

Preparing Wholesale Roses For Arrangements

Saving money by doing your own floral arrangements at weddings or events is a must. We show you here how to prepare wholesale roses upon arrival. Cut them, remove the thorns and leaves, and eliminate guard petals. Put the flowers in luke-warm water in a cool place outside of the direct sunlight. After letting the flowers rehydrate they will be ready for arranging.

  1. Upon receiving flowers, cut the stems on a diagonal with floral sheers and put them in luke-warm water overnight. Make sure they are out of the direct sunlight so they do not dry up when the sun comes up. (Remove any leaves that may go underwater; this prevents bacteria from the leaves from entering the water and causing a shorter vase life).
  2. Next day, open packaging rolling the packed circle flat.
  3. Take each flower, re-cut the stems, remove any guard petals (damaged outer petals which are normal), and remove leaves from the bottom.
  4. You are ready to arrange, good luck!

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