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Pro Floral Supplies

Looking for an easy way to DIY the flowers for your next event? Whether it’s a simple fundraiser or a huge wedding, these professional floral supplies will help you get the job done. Arranging your own flowers is so much easier with the help of these pro floral tools. In addition to creating bouquets and centerpieces that look like they came straight from the florist, you can also use these supplies to help your arrangements look beautiful longer.

Each of these DIY floral supply kits comes with a variety of items to meet your needs. Depending on which kit you select, you might receive floral adhesive, floral scissors, thorn strippers, floral tape and more. Kits may also include powder to add to your water to nourish your flowers or a special spray that makes each leaf shine. Become a DIY florist with the help of these professional floral supplies from Blooms by the Box.