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Flower Arranging Birthday Party
Tired of the same old birthday party ideas?
With our flowers, floral foam and simple plastic containers your children and their friends can learn about flowers, make a craft, and have a wonderful take-home party favor.

Things You'll Need
  • 25 Pink Roses
  • 25 Red Carnations
  • 1 Bunch Daisy White Pompons
  • 1 Bunch Yellow Pompons
  • 2 Bunches Purple Asters
  • 1 Bunch Pink Wax Flowers
  • 2 Bunches Leather Leaf Fern
  • Plastic Containers
    (These can be as simple as the containers you buy for left-overs at the grocery store.)
  • Floral Foam
  • Plastic Table Cloth
  • Utility or Sharp Kitchen Knife

Arranging fresh flowers will absolutely delight your young children and their friends!
(Their mothers will be pretty happy too!)

This unique and memorable birthday party does not have to be expensive. Our sample of flowers above is enough for 10 children and costs around $100.00.
  1. Order flowers and floral foam for delivery one to two days before your party.
  2. Hydrate flowers and cut to desired length.
  3. Hydrate floral foam.
  4. Cover your workspace with your plastic tablecloth or a sheet.
  5. With a sharp knife, cut floral foam to the size of your containers and insert the foam into the containers.
  6. Pass out containers and flowers to all the smiling faces.
  7. Show the children how to insert the flowers and greens into the floral foam and let the fun begin!

Don't forget your camera ... You'll want to preserve these memories!
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Blooms Tip

A bent neck on a flower usually indicates an air lock or air bubble in the stem making the flower unable to absorb water properly. Recut the stems under water and place them in cool water for at least two hours.