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Rose Bubble Vase Centerpiece
Create a centerpiece worthy of a pedestal.

Things You'll Need
  • 18 Roses 50cm
  • Filler flower such as Limonium
  • Greens such as Lemon Papoose
  • 6" Bubble Vase
  • Floral Shears or Sharp Kitchen Knife

This new way to display roses was made popular by Martha Stewart. Her simple, elegant idea makes a beautiful 12" centerpiece.

  1. Order flowers delivery one to two days before you need them.
  2. Hydrate flowers immediately.
  3. Cut roses and other stems under water to your preferred length. For a 6" vase, stems should be about 10" long.
  4. Begin placing roses in your vase. The stems will eventually form a grid, which will hold all flowers in place.
  5. The filler flower should be place evenly throughout the arrangement
  6. Place the greens placed around the edges.

Need a different size? Simply adjust the size of the bubble vase, number of roses, and stem lengths to have this versatile arrangement meet your needs.

Put arrangement directly on your table or place it on a pedestal for some extra extravagance.
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Blooms Tip

When trimming your flowers, keep in mind that most flowers absorb water best if cuts are made between nodes or joints. Make sure to cut at a 45 degree angle. If possible, cut under water or under running water.