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Elegant & Easy Orchid Centerpiece
Looking for something elegant, FAST?
With our flowers and cylinder vases you can create beautiful centerpieces in minutes.

Things You'll Need
  • Cymbidium
  • Glass Cylinders Vases
  • Utility or Sharp Kitchen Knife

Inviting and irresistible, Orchids always attract attention. Showcased in beautiful cylinder vases, Cymbidiums exude an undeniable charm.

Cymbidium Orchids are beautiful and fragile looking but are more durable than you might imagine. They are commonly used as cut flowers because of their sturdy stems and distinctive coloring.

Don't be afraid to handle them!
  1. Order flowers delivery one to two days before you need them.
  2. Hydrate flowers and cut to the length of your vase.
  3. Put a small amount of water into the vase.
  4. Place your orchids into the vase making sure the stem is in the water.
    Frequent misting of cut orchids will lengthen their vase life.

Add a few candles to highlight the beauty of the orchids.
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Blooms Tip

Daffodils, jonquils and tulips will prevent other flowers from absorbing water properly. Place them in a separate vase for several hours then seal the tips of the stems by dipping them in very hot water before adding them to a mixed arrangement. Do not re-cut their stems before adding more flowers, or enjoy them by themselves!