D-I-Y Flowers 101

DIY Flower 101 Flower Arranging

Having a hard time selecting flowers DIY bride?! There is so much you feel like you don’t know, and all you want is for everything to be perfect because you have dreamed of this day your whole life! That’s okay, we have all the tools to help you decide what flowers you want based on a couple different categories; texture, color, and shape. This post will focus on getting started with shape.

What is texture? Texture is the physical structure and surface quality of a material. The flowers can appear rough or smooth, straight or curvy, shiny or matte, coarse or fine, fluffy or hard, pointy or round.

Elements of Floral Design

Elements Of Floral Design 101

Blooms Bullet Rhythm & Line
Blooms Bullet Form & Flow
Blooms Bullet Flower Selection

Floral Design Tools and Techniques

Floral Design Tools & Techniques 101

Blooms Bullet Must-Have Floral Tools
Blooms Bullet Floral Arrangement Construction Basics

Flower Design Guide

Flower Design Guide 101

Blooms Bullet Bouquets
Blooms Bullet Centerpieces
Blooms Bullet Boutonnieres