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You don't have to be a floral designer to create stunning wedding flowers and arrangements with BloomsByTheBox's wholesale roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, daisies, greens and more! Our Do-It-Yourself videos and step-by-step instructions let you turn Blooms' bulk flowers and floral supplies into breathtaking arrangements at a fraction of the cost of a professional florist! For more inspiration, see our Customer Gallery, where Blooms customers show how they used wholesale flowers and floral supplies to create bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and arrangements and SAVE!

How To Make a Wedding Bouquet

Blooms By The Box shows you how easy it is to DIY your wedding flowers! This video shows you how to make your own wedding bouquet! It is easy, fun, and rewarding! Order Peach Rose Versilla, Pink Spray Roses, Green Hypericum, 1/2" Green Floral Tape, and Ribbon to make this simple wedding bouquet!

  1. Get together supplies and rehydrated bulk flowers ordered online from Blooms By The Box.
    • Remove outer guard petals on roses and the bottom leaves.
  2. Build a core for your bouquet with focal flowers and secure it with floral tape. Use a big focal flower so you can refer to the center of the bouquet to make a perfected shape.
  3. Build around the center with fillers, greenery, or other floral varieties you have chosen.
  4. Try to put amounts of 3 or 5 of each type of filler or greenery to get the best consistent look throughout the bouquet.
  5. Reinforce the shape and tightness of the bouquet with floral tape as you continue to build on the center of the bouquet.
  6. When you get your desired shape cut all the stems to the same length with floral sheers.
  7. Use ribbon to conceal the floral tape that is holding the bouquet together. Give it a finished and professional look with ribbon and Floralife leaf shine (florist trick).