Share Your DIY Flower Arrangement and Bouquet Design Ideas

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Uploading Customer Photos

Follow these tips to send us photos of your favorite arrangements & bouquets!
Taking Your Picture
  • A simple background, like a plain wall or a sheet, won’t distract from your subject.
  • Soft lighting – ideally indirect sunlight or interior lights, or diffused lighting – can lessen harsh shadows.
  • Clear focus will show the brilliance of the flowers and greens.
Submitting Your Picture
  • Acceptable file formats are JPG (“myArrangement.jpg”) or GIF (“flowers.gif”).
  • Manageable file size – Blooms can accept images that are at least 300 x 300 pixels, with a file size no greater than 2MB (2048K).
Need Help?
If you need help submitting a photo, contact Blooms Customer Service. We’ll be happy to help!
In accordance with our Privacy Policy, will never sell, trade or rent any customer information provided to any third party.