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Submerged Orchid Flower Pack

A single package includes the following:
3 Bunches Dendrobium Orchid
3 Bunches Dendrobium Orchid
3 Bunches Lily Grass
1 or more $233.36 each
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Product Details and Arrangement Suggestions for Wholesale Submerged Orchid Flower Pack

This DIY Submerged Orchid Wedding Flower Pack is an essential to ordeing wholesale flowers for a wedding or event!  This is perfect for making do-it-yourself submerged centerpiece. All the guess work is taken out of buying flowers because all the quantities are picked for you!

Pack Perks:

1.  If you plan on using two orchids per centeriece you can make up to 30 centerpiece with one pack!! Three orchids per centerpiece would make 20 centerpeices. Four orchids per centerpiece would make 15 arrangements. You can alse use dendrobian orchids for boutonnieres and corsages.

2. Each pack was created with texture in mind! Get the professional look without the professional experience! Textures have been chosen to give a well rounded and balanced overall appearance for your DIY wedding arrangements.

3. These packs are all inspired by what is current and popular on top wedding blogs and inspiration boards.

Availability: All year

Feel free to add other flowers you like to your order and please keep in mind colors may vary on computer screens.  ALL PACKS ARE SUBJECT TO SUBSTITUTIONS.

Add the DIY Wedding Supply Kit to your flower order to make sure you have all the supplies you need for hydrating flowers, making bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and others arrangements for your DIY wedding!

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