Products Cellophane Cellophane Bouquet Sleeves (Clear) 4x18x14 (50 Pack)

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Cellophane Bouquet Sleeves (Clear) 4x18x14 (50 Pack)

Common Names: cello sleeves

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Product Details and Arrangement Suggestions for Wholesale Cellophane Bouquet Sleeves (Clear) 4x18x14 (50 Pack)

Clear Cellophane Bouquet sleeves are perfect for a medium arrangement. Dimensions are 4" at the bottom, 18" tall, and 14" opening. Come in packs of 50.

If you are hosting a fundraiser, you may consider using cellophane bags or sleeves to seperate bouquets.

**The difference between cellophane sleeves and cellophane bags: Sleeves have an opening on both sides (great for hydration during sale of flowers). Bags only have an opening on the top.

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