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Lily Assorted Colors

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Lilies are trumpet-shaped flowers grow to a 6-inch diameter. Stems grow to 3 feet long, carrying four to eight blossoms. Sparse foliage is dark green. Because blooms open at various times, most lilies live one to two weeks. Colors include white, yellow, pink, red and orange; many have a deeper color (freckles) on the inner petal.

Size: Stems grow to about 3 feet long, but are various sizes depending on weather conditions.

Vase Life: 6-11 days depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Use peach lilies for any wedding theme. They are beautiful and rich with texture. They are the perfect focal flower for wedding bouquets and arrangements. This color variety sports a hint of yellow in the center, great for bright pink arrangements!

An Assorted Pack consists of flowers by the bunch, each bunch a different color. If you would like to purchase one bunch, you will receive 10 stems of one color. If you would like to purchase two bunches, you will receive 10 stems of one color and 10 stems of a different color...and so on. If you would like to request a specific color, be sure to leave it in the Notes section on your order!

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