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Rose Voodoo 50cm

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 100.

* 7 Day Advance Purchase Required *
Earliest delivery is Dec 27.

100 stems $1.56 per stem
200 to 300 stems $1.38 per stem
400 or more stems $1.33 per stem
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With its unique color combination, perfumed scent and name, the Voodoo rose is truly spellbinding. The Voodoo rose is a hybrid tea rose consisting of a magical blend of yellow, orange and a subdued red. The name alone will entice many edgier brides who are looking to create anything but the typical wedding. They’re ideal for fall weddings, fundraisers and special occasions. Halloween brides will especially gravitate towards these roses. Thanks to its variety of hues, the Voodoo rose takes on an almost chameleon-like quality. When you pair them with yellow blooms such as yellow hydrangea, sunflowers, and mini calla lilies they appear more yellow. Pair them with orange freesia or red hypericum, and they take on their orange or red counterparts. When it comes to the type of container to arrange these stunners, you can choose a birch vase or galvanized bucket for a rustic wedding or a pedestal urn for a more formal theme.

Size: 50 cm stem length (about 20 inches), rose head at full bloom is approximately 2.5 inches wide but varies by variety
Vase Life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: Generally All year
Our specialty farm direct program allows you to purchase bulk roses at an extremely affordable price. All bulk roses are harvested, prepped, and packaged in Ecuador and shipped directly to your door with FedEx International Express Service. Bulk rose orders cannot be canceled or modified within the 8 days of the requested delivery date. Please call or inquire with any questions.
If ordering a large quantity of roses in advance consider our bulk rose category for price breaks. If ordering roses needed right away, order from our in stock roses category.

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