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Wholesale flowers are a great fundraising tool...any time of the year! Blooms makes it easy for any group to buy grower-fresh flowers at wholesale prices in quantities large or small, shipped when and where they need them. No resale certificate is needed! The most popular flowers used in simple fundraising events are wholesale carnations and wholesale roses.

Carnations are very affordable, easy to prepare and handle, and are long-lasting and durable. They come in a variety of colors with red, white and pink being the most popular for fundraising. They can be purchased in bunches of 25 stems, with the greatest discount given for boxes of 250-350 stems. Typically they can be sold at 200-300 percent mark up for a tremendous profit!

For an even more profitable item, we suggest a simple bouquet of 2-3 flowers adding a stem of leather leaf fern and a stem of gypsophila (baby’s breath). We can supply you with all the needed floral supplies needed. Wholesale roses are also very popular for fundraising, especially around the Valentine’s Day holiday! As with carnations, they can be sold by the stem or simply arranged. We recommend using 50 cm stem roses for most events as they are less expensive. All roses are sold in bunches of 25 stems, with a discount given at the 100 stem level. For Valentines Day, red roses are the most popular, but their prices jump dramatically, so plan your pricing ahead of time. For a higher-priced and more profitable offering, we also recommend a simple bouquet of 1 rose with a stem of leather leaf fern and a stem of gypsophila (baby’s breath).

Most of our wholesale flowers and supplies are ready to ship SAME DAY (M-F before 2:00PM EST) if required. Have a question about a color selection or something you don't see here? Call (855) BUY-BLOOMS, live chat us, or email us at service@bloomsbythebox.com.