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Our customers say it better than we can! See what customers have to say about our quality wholesale flowers and dedicated support and design advice!

"OMG! I ordered a small order for a bridal shower that I'm doing here in my home and the flowers came yesterday and the arrangements are now done and the flowers are wonderful!! I can't say enough! So many flowers to pick from, the prices are great and the overnight shipping is great!! Can't wait to get my order for the next flower project! Thank you for great flowers!"

- Kelly M, Chestertown, NY

"Blooms has amazing customer service! I placed an order to have next day shipping, well they called to let me know that some flowers were not in stock and offered to switch them out. I asked to change the date and they were very nice and switched my date. They immediately refunded me the extra $20.00 I had spent for Saturday delivery. I have not even gotten my flowers yet and I love this place!!"

- Angela, Pasadena, TX

"I needed hydrangeas to make centerpieces for a surprise birthday party. I came across your website and thought why not? I ordered 45 large white and 45 small green. They were absolutely gorgeous - and yes, I did panic when I opened the box but they hydrated back to full size by the next day. Great instructions, flawless delivery and fantastic customer support. I will definitely use and recommend in the future - Thank you"

- Kathy R, Snohomish, WA

"I wanted a specific combination of flowers for my wedding bouquets and had read wonderful reviews about BloomsbytheBox. The orchids that arrived were absolutely lovely. Due to some shipping issues, the roses arrived late, but the staff for BloomsbytheBox were very helpful and understanding of the situation. They gave me a refund even though they were not at fault for the FedEx delay. I would love to buy more beautiful flowers from them!"

- Karin H., South Bend, IN

"The flowers arrived beautiful!!! The arrangements and bouquets turned out lovely!!! Thank you for being professional and easy to work with."

- Beckie D, Key West, FL

"It was important for me to do my own flowers for our wedding for a variety of reasons and I was so happy I found! We had a beautiful outdoor wedding here in Vermont and the three wildflowers packs I ordered were perfect for the occasion! I even had a "flower party" where friends and family came to help make the table arrangements, while my bridesmaids and I made our bouquets. My aunt made the corsages and boutonnières. I received so many compliments on the flowers! They arrived on time in wonderful condition and the instructions to rehydrate on the website made the process easy. The flowers held up extremely well and lasted well into the week following our wedding. I would highly recommend especially for the DIY couple. Customer service was excellent and of course we loved saving some money doing our flowers ourselves versus paying a florist. So, so, so pleased!"

- Catherine B., Warren, VT

"The flowers were absolutely gorgeous - I couldn't believe it when they came out of the box. I can't thank you enough and will be posting reviews with photos of the incredible roses and greens you sent me. Many, many thanks!"

- Madeline S, Dover, NH

"I wanted to take the time to say how impressed I was with my entire experience. I couldn't believe how blessed I was to find this company and receive the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen. I ordered ivory roses and hydrangeas. The roses were so sturdy and flawless and the hydrangeas were larger than I expected. Not only were the flowers impeccable, the customer service was right up there with them. I had no idea what I was doing and I felt like I had a friend to guide me, everyone was so patient and helpful. Sincerely, A blessed bride!"

- Meilyn R., Abingdon, MD

"The live chat is extremely helpful. Robyn provided exceptional customer service. She went above and beyond in assisting me by doing her own research, helping me stay within my budget, and keeping all my colors and needs in mind. She was very kind and extremely helpful! I can't wait to order my flowers for my wedding!"

- Erin, Chicago, IL

"The flowers arrived looking great! The hydrangea were perfect and I had more than enough to make all the arrangements. SUPERIOR customer service. I will tell everyone I know about and to make sure they shop before ordering any other wholesale flowers online."

- Dana F., North Smithfield, RI

"Oh my goodness, the flowers were SO awesome! We got so many compliments on them, it wasn't even funny. My nephew Jordan watched all the videos for making bouquets and flower arrangements and did the girls' bouquets. They were beautiful! We then arranged the mason jars full of different combinations! It all looked so good!

Alana was so awesome, I was so grateful for all the help. Flowers could not have gone better, plus we had so much fun doing them. Truly, it was the most relaxing thing we did all week--working with the flowers and making arrangements :). But it was only stress-free because you helped me so much and I didn't have to worry about all the decisions about how many, what kind, etc."

- Arda R., Holland, MI

"One of the reasons that we chose was because you had such thorough information on the process of sending and shipping blooms, what to expect, how to care for them, etc. We felt very comfortable in using for our big day. Thank you for your outstanding customer service. I would happily use this company again and would definitely recommend others to do the same!"

- Sheila M., Medford, MA

"We ordered flowers from your company for my daughters wedding on August 3rd, 2013. This was something I had never done before and did not know what to expect. What a scary adventure! Well the flowers were a success and just beautiful. Also, your website was so helpful in educating on flower arrangements and caring for the newly arrived flowers. It was just amazing to see the flowers come alive. Thanks to all the staff at "" The flowers would have not arrived to northern Minnesota without the joint effort of you all. I will order flowers from your company again!"

- Holly G., Glendive, MT

"I just wanted to say thank you! The flowers sent me for my wedding in March of 2013 were perfect! I had no idea of what I was doing, but with a little novice help from my friends and family, we put together everything quickly and actually had a lot of fun doing it. I felt like an expert by the time I was done and the flowers came out pretty wonderfully. You were such a huge help and the flowers you helped me select were perfect! Thanks for making me feel like a pro!"

- Lindsay E., South Plainfield, NJ

"It was such a pleasure doing business with! I especially wanted to thank Diana for all the information and advice; it was greatly appreciated. The roses were absolutely beautiful and after arranging them and taking them to the venue where we held my Mom's 90th birthday celebration, they made the party complete. Again thank you!"

- Susan B., Trenton, NJ

"I was extremely pleased with my order. I wasn't sure what to expect, ordering flowers online and having them shipped so far, but we were on a really tight budget, and your low prices made me take a chance on it. Everything rehydrated beautifully, and the roses were absolutely breathtaking for my wedding bouquet. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you guys every chance I get!"

- April S., Kilgore TX

"I am very pleased with my order. The flowers arrived just as promised. The flowers were just as if I had gone to the Boston Wholesale Flower Exchange and picked them out myself. I will definitely use your services again. I will recommend you as well."

- Debbie E., Lynn, MA

" is fantastic! Your excellent, detailed, and personal customer service was such a refreshing surprise! I will definitely recommend to anyone in need of flowers!"

- Lindsay E., South Plainfield, NJ

"I wish everyone was as accomodating and expedient as Bloomsbythebox has been. You are an example of a truly professional company. You came through and I cannot thank you enough, for making my life just a little easier. Between our only daughter's wedding and moving TWO households (all happening this weekend), I am about as close to frazzled as I can get and you just made a difference in my life. Thank you."

- Serena J., Tampa FL

"This order is probably my 10th with BloomsByTheBox. I am the "budget florist" for friends, family and co-workers and you guys have been with me all the way. I’ve done both of my sisters weddings, several church members and this week is for the daughter of a close friend. Your products are always outstanding. I’ve used them from the coast of NC all the way to the mountains and this week we will be in a castle in Winston Salem. Thanks for a great product!"

- Rene' H., Raleigh, NC

"We LOVED our flowers. They were absolutely exquisite. Everyone said the flowers were the most beautiful they had ever seen and the wedding was gorgeous. The cream roses and the hot pink ones were huge buds and opened up just perfectly before the ceremony. We have already suggested to other brides to order from you. Thanks for the quality service. The lady who took my order was very knowledgeable and very nice. We really appreciate that!"

- Wayna P., Abilene TX

"My flowers arrived this morning. I will definitely use your business for all future events and parties we host. The service was amazing! My fiance was in shock this morning that you could mail order flowers and have them at your door the next day!"

- Chanel E., Baltimore, MD

"I wanted to thank you for the surprisingly great service I received while ordering from Blooms by the Box. As ordering flowers online for an important occasion is a risky venture, I felt confident after discussing my order with your online service center. As promised, the flowers arrived on time and in beautiful condition. You guys are fantastic! Customer service for many companies has gone by the wayside. I am happy to say when ordering from Blooms by the Box, customer service is alive and well! Thank you again!"

- Cynthia D., Muncie, IN

"The rose circus roses were AMAZING! So beautiful when they opened, they looked so perfect - like fake flowers!"

- Robin H., Lynn, MA

"I'm putting together a small-ish wedding at a private home, with a teeeeny budget, so I am really doing everything on my own and just figuring it out as I go along. I haven't encountered many people who have been as straightforward and helpful as you have, and I really can't express how much that means to me! It is seriously because of your help and information that I will be ordering my flowers from you guys. I wouldn't have been brave enough to risk ordering flowers online if it wasn't for your help."

- Stephanie B.

"I ordered blue/purple limonium for my wedding a month ahead of time. And sure enough it was delivered the morning of my requested due date. I ordered 2 bunches. But once they got here, I should have ordered only 1 bunch for there was a lot in a bunch. I used the limonium (mixed with hydrangeas) for my bouquet and centerpieces and they came out beautifully. I couldn't have been happier!! I will be recommending to my friends."

- Tina M., Houston, TX

"I just wanted to follow up with you about my order of the Dendrobiums (Dyed Blue). They arrived in perfect condition and looked great out of the box. They were the flowers my wife had picked for our wedding 6 years ago, but hadn't seen since. I know she had been wanting some for a while, but could not find them anywhere near us (Huntsville, Alabama). She was beyond thrilled to get these! I just wanted to thank you and let you know you will have more of my business in the future."

- John B., Huntsville, AL

"I'm writing to you to thank you for the part you played in making our wedding day unforgettable. The flowers just made it so beautiful and FUN. We will be recommending your services to everyone, thank you and your fabulous business!"

- Melinda R. & Steven M., Scotts Valley, CA

"I was very excited by the D-I-Y Guide to Wedding Flowers, as it answered many of my questions, as well as giving me several ideas. I am very impressed by your company and as someone who is D-I-Y-ing much of her wedding, your site has made me feel much more at ease with my floral plans."

- Gloria D.

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your Flower Guide, excellent advice and videos! So many thanks for your fantastic website. You’re offering a real professional service for those of us who want to ‘Do It Ourselves'."

- Moira Z.

"I used for our February 2011 wedding and the flowers were beautiful!"

- Stella T., Sterling, VA

"I had ordered various flowers and greens to use for my son's outdoor wedding at our farm. Your flowers were absolutely beautiful, arriving on time and in great condition. The flowers made a fabulous portion of the wedding which turned out PERFECT...perfect weather (72 and sunny), perfect flowers, food, cake, bride & groom, wedding party, etc. A wonderful remembrance! Thanks for the lovely job you all do with your "Blooms"!"

- Nancy B., Gladys, VA

"I always appreciate your flowers.....their condition, on arrival, is so much better than even my local florist. Also, I would rather spend my money on a single purchase from your company, than several from my local market!"

- Patricia H., Lansdowne, VA

"I just wanted to let you know that the flowers we ordered from you for our daughter's wedding on 9/10/11 were absolutely beautiful. They arrived as promised and stayed beautiful for many days after the wedding. Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service! I will not hesitate to order on line from you again and will tell anyone else who may be doing wedding flowers about your site! (And by the way...your prices are very reasonable too!) Thanks again..I am one happy mother-of-the-bride!"

- Karen G., Putnam, CT

"Hello! Just wanted to let you know the flowers were lovely, and the addressee was delighted with them. We will continue to use your service!"

- Margot G., Litchfield, CT

"Just got my flowers today before noon and I am so pleased with them. They look just cut and way to go on the quality---We got help every step of the way with the ordering process. I trusted with my friend's wedding. Don't hesitate to order from these guys.....they got it down. Thanks again!"

- Beckie W., New Boston, TX

"We renewed our vows after 25 years of marriage. I ordered the wedding package, and assembled the arrangements. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and the packing done with such care. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers, and helping to make our day memorable. And the customer service was excellent."

- Jean D., Elkton, MD

"We loved the flowers. They were for my sister's wedding and we were able to make three gorgeous bouquets - one for her and one for both of her attendants and then really lovely floral arrangements for the tables at the reception. The Guide was very helpful in explaining what we should do. Thank you so much for this excellent service. I will certainly recommend it to others!"

- Cynthia M., Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much! I love the service you provide, and your quality of product has continued to bring me back!"

- Erin S., Seward, NE

"I received my flowers yesterday and I am really delighted by not only the flowers but the excellent customer service I have been provided with during the process."

- Anne Marie D., VT

"Thank you for supplying us with the freshest flowers ever, used for my daughter's wedding in Boulder Canyon, CO, back in July. It was the first time I had ordered from your company and was just so pleased to see the colors come to life as the flowers rehydrated in the mutliple buckets of water we had purchased at the local hardwear store. I was honored to be asked by my daughter to create all the bouquets, banquet table displays, and corsages and everyone raved at how fresh the flowers still looked by day's end. We will definitely order from you again in the future and I have recommended your website to others."

- Karen D., Framingham, MA

"Received the Freesia, Lisianthus and Roses today. They are beautiful. Your flowers are great quality and I thank you for your prompt responses to my email. I will definitely order from Blooms By The Box again. Please thank your staff for me as well."

- Lucy S., Itasca, IL

"I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the wedding flowers I ordered a few weeks ago. Your ease of ordering and shipping was great. The bulk of my order, all of the daisies, was in wonderful shape, and the freesia bunches (yellow) were great, too. I will be recommending you to everyone because the flowers worked out wonderfully!"

- Amanda, Sterling, MA

"The flowers have arrived. The red roses are perfect. The color blends for her "sunset theme" will be beautiful. Thanks so much for everything!"

- Pat R., Philadelphia, PA

"It was while I was doing research about DIY wedding flowers that I found Blooms By The Box, and I am so glad I did! So far, I have ordered hydrangeas, freesia, football mums, gypsophilia, carnations, lemon leaves, and blue delphinium, so I could practice creating bouquets and centerpieces for our wedding. The quality is outstanding, and I am really excited to do our flowers myself."

- Jessica J., State College, PA

"Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful and looked super in our centerpieces. I will recommend you to anyone looking for flowers."

- Virginia K., East Berne, NY

"You will be amazed at how far we made 150 bucks on flowers go...the flowers I ordered were in outstanding condition and better than I expected...Good job!! Very satisfied!"

- Becky W., New Boston, TX

"Thank you all for your great flowers!! The bride was pleased, and that's what counts. Now I have the flower bug again. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks again!"

- Theresa R., North Grafton, MA

"Thank you so much for all of your help. The flowers are gorgeous! They were delivered to the salon where I work and are sitting out there. Everyone that comes in comments on them! I have given the website to a lot of people. I am so impressed with the quality and will be ordering all of my flowers for the wedding from you!"

- Trish S., Enola, PA

"…Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing customer service. I am completely blown away by how attentive and patient you've been and by how quickly you've responded to all of my questions. Most company representatives make me feel like I'm bothering them, but you've really reassured me that Blooms is the company that wants to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts!"

- Emmy

"Hi Guys, I ordered 105 cala lillies for my sons christening. The flowers came on time, they were fresh, the instructions were clear, I saved lots of cash and I got free shipping! This was the best experience shopping online that I have ever had! I am an event planner and I will certainly be doing business with this company from now on.....Thanks BBTB for making my event the talk of the town!"

- Aiyisha S., Valley Stream, NY

"I received my order of sunflowers and daisies yesterday. The flowers were in excellent condition and began to open up within hours of me cutting the stems and putting them in warm water. This morning the flowers were completely opened! They are gorgeous and every flower looks great! We will be placing a much larger order with you in June for our wedding. Thank you!"

- Kathy C., Chester County, PA

"I love what we did and really enjoyed using Blooms by the Box. I got the repeat customer email so I'm planning to place another order for next week for some holiday gifts. I've been telling everyone that doing my flowers for the wedding was one of my favorite things so I'll keep trying to find opportunities to use Blooms."

- Elizabeth B., Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you so much for your help last Thursday. You have a very calming manner which was very helpful. ;-) Our flowers were lovely and I would order from Blooms By The Box again if I had to do it all over. Thanks so much."

- Karen F., Presque Isle, ME

"I received my order today around 12:30pm. I can't tell you how impressed with how the flowers were packed and how beautiful all the flowers are!! Not one broken head! I have them all processed and they are all drinking away. I know the lilies are going to be so beautiful when they open. Everything is perfect. Thanks so much! I hope to have an opportunity to use you company again in the future!"

- Kathleen B., Wappingers Falls, NY

"I wanted to personally thank you for the order of wonderful flowers I bought from you for my wedding on August 29th. They were a lot of fun to assemble and work with, and I appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me discussing the flowers before I placed my order. I have been asked to do two more weddings after everyone saw how nice my bouquets came out that I made. So look forward to a few more orders around October!!! Attached are a few photos of the flowers, enjoy!!"

- Terese, Goshen, MA

"Thank you very much! My orchids arrived beautifully. My arrangements were a huge hit at the wedding and had a professional florist asking which florist I worked for. This is great since I just do arrangements for fun!!"

- Stephanie P., Stratford, CT

"My daughter ordered flowers from you for her September 6th wedding. We followed the enclosed instructions after they arrived and they looked just wonderful within 24 hours. It is a week later and I still have hydrangeas and mums sprinkled around my house. I am really impressed and look forward to ordering from you again in the future."

- Roxanne, Walworth, WI

"I wanted to send an email to THANK YOU for the quality flowers that were delivered for me last Friday. The recipient was THRILLED with the quality and color and I will be recommending your company to friends."

- Nicole C., Brookline, MA

"Your flowers were a hit. Everyone was amazed by the fact we arranged everything ourselves. When they arrived by UPS I was thrilled by how beautiful and fresh everything was. The help I received over the phone when I needed to adjust my order was phenomenal. I am telling EVERYONE I know to go through your company for their supply needs. I can't wait to use your services again! Thank you from the bride."

- Sabrina, PA

"We received your flowers and they were absolutely beautiful and lush. The centerpieces we made for my daughter's bridal shower were exquisite. Thank you for helping make the day an huge success. I hope to avail myself of your services again some time in the future."

- Sheryl G., New York, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was when I received my order last week. I ordered ti leaves & orchids and when they arrived (in 1 day) they were as fresh as good be. I still have some orchids that are still beautiful (and some buds that haven't opened). I'm so glad I found you on the internet. I'll definitely use you again."

- Eva, Simply Elegant Catering

"My fraternity decided to run a last minute fundraiser for Valentine's Day. We ordered the flowers on a Monday and they came as promised on Tuesday. We netted over $300 profit on a $150 investment! I would recommend flowers from BloomsByTheBox to any group that's trying to raise money. If a bunch of knuckleheads like us can do it, anyone can."

- George C. Rutgers University

"The party decorations I planned were built around the flowers used for the centerpieces. Never having used a flower service, I was very hesitant, as I couldn't imagine tropicals being sent through the mail. I shouldn't have been, the flowers arrived fresh and beautiful on the scheduled day. The orichids were exquisite and everything promised. Thank you again for everything, your service and product made my party."

- Janis F., Cresco, PA

"I ordered some white roses and carnations for an event this past Sunday and just wanted you to know how beautiful the flowers were. My arrangements turned out great! Better than I thought, eveyone at the party thought they were professionally done. The quality and freshness of the blooms where amazing. Two days after my event, I still have these huge white roses opening up. Now that I am relaxed, I can enjoy them even more. I'll call you every time I need flowers, even if it's just for me!"

- Luciana P., Rye, NY

"I just wanted to let the company know about a very happy customer. I have ordered many flowers via internet and I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the quality and care of my order. It was really a happy experience working on the wedding party flowers and even more proud when everyone at the wedding praised me for what a great job I did. I believe your products made me shine. Thanks again, keep up the good work."

- Melanie M., Annapolis, MD

"I wanted to let you know how very pleased I was with my order for 200 roses. They arrived beautifully packed and protected, were moist and still fresh, and after preparing them as directed, one week later they are still in bloom and absolutely gorgeous. I will sing your praises all around and you have found a repeat customer in me."

- Janine D., Stamford, CT

"I’m a programmer during the week, but on the weekends I am a party floral designer. I love the convenience of buying my flowers and glassware from with just a couple of clicks and then have it all arrive the next day."

- Kim S., Clinton, NJ

"I get the flowers I need for my catering business without the hassle of going shopping. My customers love the beautiful arrangements we create and I love the low prices."

- Michael S., Basking Ridge, NJ

"I need weekly fresh flowers for my restaurant dining tables and going to the nearest wholesaler is a big waste of time. This site has a great selection and great prices – end of story."

- Joe C., Hoboken, NJ

"I like buying and arranging fresh flowers for my homes and ships my orders where ever I need them for free. The roses are out of this world."

- Kevin O., Boston, MA

"I use to get bulk flowers for my birthday party business. I get everything I need to run a bouquet design craft for kids and the clients love it."

- Heidi K., Allentown, PA

"I’ve worked off and on in the floral retail trade for years and am really impressed with the extreme freshness and quality of their flowers. These are the same products we arranged and displayed in the front window. It’s about time..."

- Sara S., Mystic, CT

"Beautiful job! I had my daughter's communion and we put flower arrangements together. Perfect! The flowers are absolutely amazing! I will deifinitely be using your company for everything in the future and I have passed on your information to a lot of friends. "

- Todd K., Brick, NJ

"I ordered 100 stems of blue hydrangea as well as bouquet-making flowers including mini call lilies, delphiniums, and spider mums for my June 20th wedding. Although UPS was a day late delivering one box of the order, the flowers did arrive in time for the wedding, and they were BEAUTIFUL. The hydrangeas in particular are absolutely gorgeous and opened quickly and beautifully. They are really blue! All the other flowers were equally lovely, and I had a lot of fun arranging them and admiring them. The staff at Blooms by the Box were responsive and very helpful when I called. I chose Blooms after much internet research, and their prices were the most competitive. I have no regrets about my wedding flowers -- they were wonderful and allowed me to stay within budget easily. Thanks so much."

- Charlotte B., Truro, MA

"FOURTEEN days ago, I received my order from your company for daisies and sunflowers. They STILL look great and are just now starting to wilt! I have never had flowers last this long, and I didn't use the flower food in half of them. They look just as good as the ones with the flower food in them. Three different people asked me if the flowers were fake because of their longevity. I don't get impressed easily, but your flowers are amazing!!!"

- Kathy C., NJ